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Norway is working on wireless charging system for its electric taxis

Bildkredit – Oslo Taxi

Currently, electric cars still need to be connected when they are charged. The problem with this solution is that it can be slow and because of the limited nature of these plugs it also means that other cars may have to wait longer than you can wait for a car to be refueled with more traditional methods.

But in norway, a Finnish utility company named Fortum works on a wireless charging system that helps keep the country's electric taxis charged and loaded. The country aims to ensure that all its taxis will be in zero emissions by 2023 and Fortum believes that this can encourage the adoption of more electricity tariffs.

The company believes that the current hard-wired charge is too time-consuming and they think their wireless charging system will help keep taxis charged while they are idling at taxi stands waiting for customers. Fortum's system is expected to be able to take taxis up to 75 kW. There is no word when this system will be implemented, but if it succeeded it could open up all possible possibilities where it could possibly be used in homes, parking spaces in shopping centers etc.

The charging plates will be used for taxi stations which are then connected to a receiver which is installed in the taxis themselves.

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