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Now you can remove the games from your PS5 from your phone – Review Geek

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The latest update to Sony̵

7;s PlayStation app is a big one, allowing users to manage and delete games and other files on their PS5 right from the app. The release of version 21.4 also adds a number of other great features.

All you need to do to access the external storage management feature is put your PlayStation 5 into rest mode instead of turning it off. Then, while managing your files in the app, the console will turn on remotely while you make adjustments, make any changes, and return to rest mode. However, this feature only works on the PS5 as mentioned in the app’s release notes – sorry PS4 owners.

The new update also brings other new features, such as comparing trophies with friends; sorting and filtering in the PS Store; enable or disable party notifications; join multiplayer sessions on PS5 from game invites; share images, URLs and text from other apps with friends in the PlayStation app; and other fixes and performance improvements.

Overall, the PlayStation app has just gotten a lot more useful. These fixes make it easier to find games, manage files, and have more fun playing in multiplayer sessions. If you’re one of the lucky few with a PlayStation 5, we recommend updating or downloading the app if you haven’t already.

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