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Oaxis Timepiece Review: Subtle Style, Maximum Frustration

Oaxis Timepiece is a reasonably priced smartwatch that falls between full smartwatch and fitness tracker – a fast growing center that also includes hybrid smartwatches. Timepiece has an analog clock face and a small OLED screen to display important data, plus a heart rate sensor on the back. This suggests that it may be exactly what many people want – a smartwatch that doesn't look like a smartwatch, with all the latest features.

Besides, we should not be annoyed by the technology we invite into our lives. If we pay for something to increase comfort, it should. Oaxis Timepiece needs to maintain a balance between these two aspects if it is to remain helpful ̵

1; whether it is cheap or expensive – and unfortunately it will be short. Here's why.

Minimalist design

Oaxis has chosen a minimalist design for Timepiece, reminiscent of Nokia Steel HR, with an analog clock face and a very small 0.42 inch OLED bottom half screen. Our review model has a black stainless steel body that measures 41 mm above, and is just under 13 mm thick. The strap has quick flaps and measures 20mm. Oaxis also manufactures a 38mm version with an 18mm strap that makes the watch suitable for most wrist sizes.

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The hands are red and inexplicably the 4:00 marker on the face, which is covered by what we think is mineral glass. This attracted a lot of dirt and batter during our time with the watch, even though it was not a touch screen. Apart from the Oaxis logo at 9 am, there is no other visual feeling, so it is not a clock to attract attention. It is narrow to slide under a shirt sleeve, and since it is not a big, screaming thing, it is undoubtedly where it belongs. A silicone band keeps the watch on your wrist and it is very comfortable.

The Oaxis watch looks good. But on closer inspection there is one aspect that we do not like – the OLED screen is inside a circular cutout, but is itself oblong. Worse, the corners of the oblong screen are slightly cut off by the circular hole, making everything look sad and poorly thought out. It is one of those "one-time-you-see" problems "and has continued to annoy us when we look at the watch.

This page is Oaxis Timepiece a discreet, subtle watch that fits almost any hand size. The building quality is great, it is not heavy and the hilly glass gives depth and shape to the face. We like the crown's consistency, although we do not have to seize it, but feel that it is a bit too big for the narrow body. Timepiece's minimalist style

Screen and smart features

If the elongated in the circular hole aspect was not bad enough, then Oaxis Timepiece's screen flip-flops between being vague help to absolutely worthless. Step numbers, calories burned, date, remaining battery life and heart rate clearly with a crown crown (the crown is a button and does not rotate.) But the notification delivery system is so bad, it is almost laughable. scrolling messages across the soap bar display, messages are displayed on the screen, and to a great extent, they make them completely impossible to read by just showing a few letters at a time.

No excuses: Messages must be glaring at a portable, and they are not on the Oaxis timepiece.

If you pay attention it is possible to thread them all in the head to get the essence of the message, but why should you? Nokia Steel HR rolls its messages across the screen and does not require multiple keystrokes and 100 percent attention to figure out what is being communicated. Miss a screen, or misunderstand a long word scattered across multiple screens, and the core of the message gets lost. No excuses: Messages must be glaring at a portable, and they are not at Oaxis time.

It gets worse. There is no clear option and as messages stack up, you must press the crown to reject each screen individually before returning to the default step count and date screen. This is ridiculously time-consuming and destroys, first and foremost, the only good thing with the display in the first place – see your step count. Thankfully, in the Oaxis Timepiece app, you can turn off messages completely or at least remove some apps that can overload the screen with too many. But apart from this negative buying a smartwatch with a screen, we shouldn't have to do it because of poor design. We had also wanted a bit stronger vibration warnings, as they are easily missing even in the strongest setting.

Plus pages? The little icons that indicate which app has sent a message are cute and look good, and in daylight the clock's face is easy to read. There is no backlight, and the OLED screen does not show the time, so it is difficult to see at night.

Fitness and the app

If the smartwatch functions are less than successful, how about the training features? Oaxis Timepiece will after all be replaced by wearing a training band, according to the company's Kickstarter campaign blurb. The display shows the number of steps you have taken, the distance you have gone and the calories burned. The heart rate sensor on the back of the watch must be activated in the app.

Why such a clinical description? That's because that's all you get. Timepiece is not a Fitbit option because it is not possible to track individual workouts or activate the heart rate sensor to work continuously when it is out. If all you are interested in is knowing your step count, it is acceptable but slightly deeper than it is not available.

To use the encoder, you must open the app and select the correct function. It did not always work correctly, with zero readings happening at least once a day. I had a friend check to make sure I wasn't actually dead (he confirmed that I was living), making this a problem with timepiece. When a reading came through, it was usually within a few hits of the Apple Watch Series 4 but always over his reading and never underneath.

The app itself is required to set the clock on the clock. The mating process takes a few minutes, and we paired with both an Android phone and an iPhone. It took some attempts first, because it is not clear that you have to press the crown when a Bluetooth symbol and a question mark appear on the clock display. When we figured this out, the process went smoothly. All your fitness data is collected in the app, with charts showing steps, calories and distances plus your heart rate. It is basic but pleasantly designed.

Timepiece is not a Fitbit option.

It also tracks if you wear the watch overnight. Sleep detection can be set using a timer – for example, it goes into sleep mode at 11.00 every night – or left to the clock to automatically recognize with its accelerometer when you have laid down. The silicone band did not become too sweaty or annoying overnight, and automatic sleep recognition worked well. In the app you get an overview of sleep states as well. It is a good feature missing from some competing hybrid smartwatches.

Battery and Charging

Battery life is one of Oaxis Timepiece's strong points, lasting 30 days on a single charge according to the company. We have not yet completed the 30-hour use of Timepiece, but it loses about 5 percent every day, which means it may fall below this target, but it's still decent.

Charging is complete with a supplied plastic plinth with two pogo pin connectors that connect to any point on the watch case. This means that you do not have to be very precise when placing it on the charger, but it is not so safe and disturbed quite a lot, which makes the watch easy to move.

Price, Availability and Warranty [19659004] The Kickstarter Campaign where the hourly payday appeared, has ceased and Oaxis has put the fully funded watch on sale on its own site . The 38mm version costs $ 160 and the 41mm model is $ 180, whether you choose the black or white version. Shipping begins in February 2019.

All Oaxis products come with a one year international warranty which covers quality and material defects. The warranty notes that any product purchased outside its store – for example on eBay – will not be covered.

Oaxis Timepiece Compared to

Our tag

Don't let Oaxis Timepiece cool minimalist designs win you over, because the registration support is poor and the training is too basic to justify the price.

What are the alternatives?

] The list is long and varied. The most important issues with Timepiece are the messages and the screen. They are not useful, and we turned them off. With this in mind, it is better to choose just one hybrid smartwatch, because you can have basic but functional messages in a watch that looks like a clock. We like Fossil Q Commuter or Q Neely, starting at $ 155. Also look at Skagen's hybrids for a minimalist style like Oasis Timepiece.
Nokia Steel HR does everything that Oaxis Timepiece does and costs the same, but we think the delivery delivery is better. If you want a touch screen, but not a full wear OS smartwatch, is Huawei Watch GT or Honor Magic Watch potential alternatives. These look like smartwatches, rather than a regular watch, but have the added benefit of surprisingly long battery life and full tracking capabilities. Neither is there in the United States yet, but costs £ 180, a little more than Oaxis Timepiece but with much more functionality.

If you want a full wear OS smartwatch, Mobvoi Ticwatch C2 has everything you could want for $ 200, while Ticwatch E2 is $ 160. Either would be a better buy than Oaxis Timepiece if you want more functionality. From here, the prices are rising and you will find more about the alternatives in our best smartwatch recommendation list .

How long will it be?

The Oaxis timer is well made and feels long lasting. The glass covering the face is apparently scratch resistant, and the body is waterproof to 30 meters. The bands are easy to replace if you accidentally break. Since the battery only needs to charge about 12 times each year, it should have a long life ahead of it.

We are also pleased that Oaxis has used a Swiss movement for Timepiece and chose a Ronda Quartz Movement for accuracy and durability. You will probably stop having Oaxis Timepiece long before it stops working or breaks.

Should you buy one?

No. The application system is too frustrating to use daily, and we had to disable it in the app. This means that Timepiece is an expensive fitness tracker without extensive training functions. Other problems at the top mean that superior options are available for the same price, or even less.

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