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Oculus Quest is back in stock, but it probably won't be long – check out Geek

  An Oculus Quest with two touch controllers.

If you've thought about Virtual Reality, one of the most accessible options you can find is the Oculus Quest. You don't need a gaming computer and it comes with everything you need to get started. But it is almost always out of stock. Today you're in luck because right now you can grab variants of 64 GB and 1

28 GB, but we don't expect it to be long.

The best thing about the Oculus Quest is the complete lack of cables. You put on a headset, pick up the supplied touch controllers and start playing. No gaming computer (or a computer), cables or anything else is needed.

The headset has sports cameras so it can scan your room and track your controllers and movements. You can also find & # 39; guards & # 39; places you've torn before hitting a wall or tripping over furniture. The Oculus Quest store is vibrant and growing, with such well-known titles as Beat Saber and BoxVR and ex-exclusives such as Vader Immortal . [19659004] If you want more, it's trivial to enable sideloading, or you can buy an Oculus Link cable to connect to your game console. With the cable you open yourself up to Steam VR and other VR on your PC games. The option is nice if nothing else.

If you act fast, you can grab the 64 GB model or the 128 GB model. They cost $ 400 and $ 500 respectively. But the company can't make the Quest fast enough and they sell out quickly. So stop reading and buy one already.

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