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OnePlus 9 can pick up absurdly fast wireless charging from 50 watts – Review Geek


It’s nice not to fiddle with a cord, but a wireless charger is always slower than a cable. But OnePlus may want to close that gap even more than it already has with its next phone series. According to leaks, the OnePlus 9 may support 50 watts of wireless charging, well above the average 1

5 watts that most smartphones support.

The leak does not seem entirely unlikely. The OnePlus 8 Pro supports 30W wireless charging, double what more ‘fast wireless charging’ phones can handle. But to get there, you had to buy an optional $ 70 wireless charging stand. And as our review noted, that came with a few inconveniences.

First, the stand is bulky due to the necessary fans to keep the charger from overheating your device. And for another, it uses an integrated cable just a meter long. That limits where you can place the stand. During our testing it worked well enough, but over time we noticed that it doesn’t always work correctly.

More than once we put a OnePlus 8 Pro on the wireless charger at night and saw the blue charging signal. But when it woke up in the morning, it wasn’t charging at all and the stand emitted a red blinking light. Something intervened to protect the phone, which is good. But it’s never been clear what the problem is, and starting the day with a nearly empty phone isn’t great.

Still, technology marches on and OnePlus may have improved on the original design. According to a report from the people at Pricebaba and leaker Ishan Agarwal, OnePlus can charge up to 50W wirelessly. It seems likely that you will need to buy a separate stand to take advantage of the benefit.

But OnePlus has not yet confirmed this information. Until it does nothing, everything is subject to change. The company may plan to release the feature now and change its mind before it releases. Or it could drop it to slower speeds, which could be in line with another leak that claimed the OnePlus 9 would charge up to 45W wirelessly. Even that is a significant upgrade.

We’ll find out the details when the company announces the OnePlus 9 series on March 23.

via 9to5Google

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