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Pouring fat down the drain is the fastest way to meet your local plumber – LifeSavvy

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Dumping fat from bacon and hamburgers into the drain may seem harmless. Sooner or later, however, that fat will completely stop your drain. Here's what you have to do.

Fat has a number on your drain

When you have finished cooking a particularly fatty hamburger, it is tempting to dump the liquid in the drain. However, if you leave the fat in the pan long enough to cool down, you will see it harden again. It also does that in your drain, which means it is clogged during the process.

Fat in your pipes collects other sludge that flows through it, such as food waste. This collection of food and fat builds up and slowly (or not at all) drains your sink. Although you can use some drain cleaner, poor drainage may require a drain hose or a plumber.

Even if you make the water boiling hot to flush it all away, some people still hang somewhere in your plumbing and, worse, it causes problems for the entire neighborhood. Hot water can only keep the fat solid for so long and eventually it cools.

Bottom line: there is no good reason to pour grease down the drain.

What to do with your cooking fat instead

Here are three options for cleaning meat fat and cooking oil from your pans.

Pour it into a pot

Both fat that solidifies and cooking fat that cannot go into a pot and are stored until the pot is full. Use separate pots for each type of oil. You can reuse them both (keep them in the fridge) to grease pans or for use in your fryer. If you do not want to use them again, simply throw the jar away when it is full.

Be careful when pouring hot fat. Don't burn yourself.

Let it solidify and scrape it in the trash can.

Let the pan cool down for fat left over from cooking fatty meats. When the fat has cooled, it is firm and you can scrape it straight into the garbage can.

If you prefer not to scrape the pan and clean it deeply, do this instead: push a piece of foil down a bowl, pour in the fat and wait until it has cooled down and discard the foil and the fat.

Wipe it off with paper towels

You can wipe both cooking fat and solid fat from the paper towel after the pan has cooled. This technique makes more waste, but it also saves you having to call the plumber about your clogged pipes.

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