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Pre-order Wyze’s New Color Smart Bulb 4-Pack from $ 35 ($ 165 less than Philips Hue) – Review Geek

Four Wyze lamp colors glow in red, yellow, green and blue.

One of the most accessible smart home gadgets you can own is the smart bulb. But they can also be expensive, especially color-changing bulbs. That̵

7;s where Wyze comes in, the company that makes the most affordable smart home gear. Today the company has taken the wraps off the new Wyze Bulb Color, and at $ 34.99 for a pack of four, it’s practically a bargain.

Wyze already offers one smart bulb, but it only does shades of white. Still, at $ 8 per bulb, the original is an incredibly cheap option. But the Wyze Bulb Color does it – well, color of course. Wyze promises the lamp is capable of over 16 million colors plus selectable white. It also gets very bright, with a maximum lumen rating of 1,100 (75 watts). You can also dim the light to 30 lumens (2 watts) and of course you can choose warm and cool effects for the lighting.

As with all Wyze’s Products, the new smart bulb will integrate with the Wyze app so you can connect it to other Wyze products, such as sensors, and create automations. You also get Alexa and Google Assistant integrations out of the box, which is perfect as smart bulbs are better with voice controls and routines. And if you prefer, you can also link Wyze Color Bulbs to IFTTT for other automation options.

The lamps work on WiFi (2.4 GHz), so you don’t need to connect a hub. But they also have Bluetooth, so when there is no internet, you can still control the Wyze Bulb Color through the app. Note that they are only suitable for indoor use and you cannot group them in the Wyze app with the original Wyze Bulb.

At $ 35 plus shipping, it’s not the cheapest color smart bulb on the market. But it is the least expensive option of a name recognition bran. And compared to Philips Hue’s $ 200 kit that comes with four-color smart bulbs and a hub, the Wyze option saves you a bundle while looking great in any home. If you want to try smart color bulbs in your home, Wyze just offers the best, most affordable choice yet.

The only thing that is not clear is the final pricing. Wyze says it currently offers a pre-order price, meaning the price will go up later when the bulbs are generally available. However, if you are a Cam Plus subscriber you will still get the pre-order price. Pre-orders are open now, and the Wyze Bulb Color starts at $ 34.99 for a pack of four, plus shipping. The bulbs will be shipped in March 2021.

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