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Purge your & # 39; watchlist & # 39; with the new sorting functions of Instagram «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

Is your Instagram feed a bit messy? You may see messages from people you don't even recognize. Perhaps the content is not interesting. Anyway, after years of having an account, it is common to follow too many users whose messages just don't work anymore. Fortunately, Instagram has an easy way to remove unwanted accounts from your next list.

On February 6, Instagram announced the new review feature for accounts to which you are subscribed, and it works by analyzing your activity and interactions in the last 90 days to find users you like the most and least. . The 50 best accounts with which you have worked the least appear for each in a simple list so that you can decide whether or not to follow them.

Tap your profile icon in the navigation bar at the bottom and then tap "In connection to." Here you see a complete list of all accounts that you follow, but the most important thing is that you see "Least interaction with" under Categories . Tap it and you will see a list of the users with whom you have least worked in the last 90 days. You can also go to the list & # 39; Most displayed in feed & # 39; view, showing the accounts with the most messages in your feed for the last 90 days.

Tap the & # 39; Follow & # 39; button in addition to an account to unfollow it. If you have iOS, you can also tap the ellipse (•••) next to an account to open other options ̵

1; "Manage notifications" and "Mute" – if you don't want to unfollow them completely.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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