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Remove Ads and Special Offers from your Amazon Kindle

ignite with special offers

Does your Kindle have ads on the lock screen or home screen? Well, you can remove them, but it will cost you $20. We̵

7;ll explain.

Why Your Kindle Has Ads

Amazon has a program for Kindles called ‘Special Offers’. However, Amazon now seems to be becoming more and more transparent, calling this “ads.”

Special offers, also known as ads, get you $20 off a new Kindle. In return, Amazon can show you targeted ads outside of the eBooks you read.

kindle special offers discount
Prices are in GBP as Kindles on Amazon US were sold out when we wrote this.

Now if you go to Amazon and visit the Kindle page, you will see that you can buy an “Ad-supported” Kindle for $90 or an “Ad-Free” Kindle for $110. It’s the same for the Kindle Paperwhite and all other Kindle models available, including the Kindle Fire line. An ad-supported model is offered for $20 less than the ad-free model.

Note: The price difference is region specific. For example, in the UK it is £10.

Remove special offers

If you bought a Kindle with special offers (or received one as a gift), the good news is that you can remove the ads by refunding the $20 discount. However, the option is not available on your Kindle device itself.

Instead, you need to log into your Amazon account via a web browser and go to the Manage Devices page. (You can also use the Amazon menu system to get there: Go to Account & Lists > Content & Devices, then click Devices.)

Select “Kindle” and then click on the device you want to remove offers from.

Select Kindle to Delete

Finally, click “Remove Listings” and pay the $20 fee.

It may take up to 24 hours for the ads to be removed and you may need to restart your Kindle.

remove special offers

If you have any problems or want help with the process, please contact Amazon support.

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