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Remove and disable photo tags on Twitter for better account privacy «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

If you do not want to be found on Twitter, there are several ways to do that without making your account private. For example, you can choose an obscure user name, omit your real name, or choose any avatar. But there are lesser-known features deep in your settings that can also protect your online privacy, including the prevention of photo tags.

On Twitter, anyone can tag you in their photo-containing tweet. That might not be great if you're really in the picture and don't want the rest of the internet to know that it's you. With just a few taps you can turn off photo tags so that friends, family and even strangers can't tag you in their photos on Twitter. If you do this, you can also prevent yourself from being tagged in photos.

How photo tags work on Twitter

Before we disable the photo & # 39; s tagging feature that has existed since 201

4, let's view it in the Twitter app for iOS and Android, the mobile web app and Twitter Lite for Android.

In the screenshots below, a user (a famous basketball player) is tagged in a photo posted by another user (a popular basketball team). The name of the tagged user appears below the image, which you can tap to view their profile. You can also tag yourself in photos if you want to do that. And tags do not work in GIF & # 39; s, only non-animated images.

Up to ten Twitter accounts can be tagged in each image and the poster cannot remove tags after the tweet is published, except the removal of the complete tweet. However, you can manually disable yourself and disable tagging altogether to prevent all future incidents.

Self-tagging in photo tweets manually

Before you can immediately start turning off photo tagging as a whole, it is essential to know how to remove yourself from photo tags on tweet per tweet basis. That way, if you don't want to completely disable tagging on your account, you can still design yourself manually when needed.

Even if the user removes the image you were tagged in, you can still view it a bit in your Twitter notifications before it disappears. You can even respond to a deleted tweetag with a photo tag before this poof goes, but others will never see it. And you can also cancel the tag yourself or save the image while it is still in your notifications, but the first one is not necessary.

In the Twitter app for Android, tap the photo in the tweet to extend it to the image viewer. Then tap the vertical ellipse in the upper right corner, followed by & # 39; Delete photo tag & # 39 ;. Then press "Delete" on the next prompt to complete.

For iOS, the mobile web app and Twitter Lite for Android, it is a bit different. Instead, tap the chevron on the tweet itself and choose & # 39; Remove tag from photo & # 39 ;. Then press "Delete" at the next prompt and you are done.

Completely prevent photo tags from being deleted & remove old ones

To prevent another user from tagging you in photos, there is a switch to completely disable tagging for your account. If you do this, all tags in older images from the past will also be deleted, including self-tags. However, other users can still tag you – it just doesn't work. If you re-enable it later, all tags that are deleted or occur will no longer be displayed.

Open your account in the iOS app, Android app, mobile web app or Twitter Lite for Android. Then tap on the top left of your account photo and then select "Settings and privacy" in the sidebar menu.

Now open the "Privacy and security" menu and tap the "Photo tagging" option, which is enabled by default.

Now you have three options to choose from:

  • Disable photo tagging to completely disable it switch.
  • Select "Everyone can tag you" to keep the function as it is.
  • Select "Only people you follow can tag you" to slightly change the function without completely disabling it.

As mentioned above, turn off the switch next to "Photo off if you want to disable the feature across the board. Tagging" (in the iOS app, the mobile web app and Twitter Lite on Android) or tap " Off "(in the Android app). To make it work somewhat, choose the one where only the people you follow can tag you and use the instructions above to manually remove photo tags when there is an image that you don't want to be linked to.

If someone tries to tag you in a photo when they are not allowed, it may seem as if they are exhausted end works, but the tag is not displayed in the last tweet. In some cases, your username will be erased and it will say: "[Your username] cannot be tagged in photos."

In the Twitter desktop web app, the process is almost identical to everything above, except you have to press the "More" lips in the sidebar to go to the "Settings and privacy" menu.

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