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Remove or disable extensions in Mozilla Firefox

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Extensions in Mozilla Firefox allow you to add all kinds of new features to the browser. But if you’re not using an extension, you can remove it to speed up your browser and protect your privacy. Here’s how to disable or remove an add-on from Firefox.

First open ‘Firefox’. In any window, click the hamburger button (three horizontal lines) and select “Add-ons”

; from the menu.

In Firefox, click the hamburger menu and select

An “Add-ons Manager” tab will open with all your installed extensions. If you want to disable an extension (which keeps the add-on installed but becomes inactive), flip the toggle next to it to disable it.

In Firefox, click the switch to disable an extension.

Once disabled, the extension will be moved to a separate “Disabled” extensions list under the “Enabled” list at the top of the page. If you need to turn it back on later, just flip the switch next to it to turn it on.

To completely remove and remove an extension, click the ellipses button (three dots) next to the extension in the list and select ‘Delete’.

To remove an extension in Firefox, click the ellipses button and select

After selecting ‘Delete’, you will see a pop-up box asking if you really want to delete the extension. Click on ‘Delete’.

Click when prompted for confirmation

After that, the extension will be completely removed. If you ever need to use that particular extension again, you will have to reinstall it.

A quick way to remove an extension using the toolbar

If your Firefox extension has an icon in the toolbar, you can quickly remove the extension by right-clicking the icon and selecting “Remove Extension” from the menu that appears.

Right-click on an extension icon in Firefox and select

Then you will see a confirmation window appear. Click the “Remove” button and the extension will be completely removed from Firefox. Have fun browsing!

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