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Return to the default font in email drafts after using a custom font «iOS & iPhone :: Gadgethacks

One of the coolest features of iOS 13 is the ability to download, install and choose fonts in selected apps such as Pages and Mail. However, you may notice a problem when writing an email with a custom font: there is no option to return to the default font. What gives?

First of all, what is the default font for iPhone? Since iOS 9, Apple uses its own San Francisco as a standard, replacing Helvetica. What is strange is that San Francisco does not appear as an option in apps that support custom fonts. It is not very logical, especially since "Standard font" is also not available.

This is the bad news: at the moment there is really no way to select San Francisco if you have changed the font to an email concept. It seems a bit strange for Apple to leave us in this situation, but here we are. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to ensure that you can keep the default font as an option in your drafts.

Method 1
: Exit & Return to Your Draft

From this article, the most reliable way to get San Francisco back to a sketch is to simply leave the sketch and reopen it. To do this, tap & # 39; Cancel & # 39; and then on & # 39; Save draft & # 39 ;. Now go back to the concept in "Concepts."

No matter what font you use or what you type, you will find a new space above your text. Tap here and you will see that you can type again with "Standard font".

Method 2: Delete the first line of text

You may not find this method very useful because you have to delete part of the text of your draft. However, it does work, so let's take a look. All you have to do is remove the first line of text in your e-mail, without any other text replacing it. You basically want an empty space at the top of your concept.

While that space is available, tap the upper-left corner of the text field, directly below the subject line. If done correctly, you should see your font return to "Default Font."

Cover image, screenshots and GIF by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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