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Ring Doorbell Pro and Alexa can now greet your visitors with custom messages – Review Geek

A Ring Video Doorbell Pro next to a blue door.

Video doorbells are one of the best smart home devices you can own, and Ring doorbells are worth your attention again. And to prove it, Ring is releasing a few handy new features, including the ability to greet your attendees for you. It can even tell a delivery person where to leave a package, all without any intervention from you.

Recording when someone rings the doorbell, even when you are not at home, is very convenient. Sometimes this is not possible, for example during a meeting at work or on the phone. That̵

7;s where Ring’s new Alexa greetings come into play. Your Ring doorbell will answer for you with Alexa’s voice.

This feature requires a Ring Doorbell Pro and, like most cloud features, a Ring Protect subscription. But if you have both, you can set Alexa greetings in the Ring app. Alexa asks the purpose of a visit, records messages, and even requests information (such as name and phone number). You can even have Alexa tell a delivery person where to drop off a package (hide it behind the gate).

If you have another Ring Doorbell Pro or don’t have a Ring Protect subscription, you can set up Quick Reply responses instead. With Quick Replies, you can choose up to six preset greetings, including “We can’t answer the door right now, but if you want to leave a message, do so now” and “Please leave the package outside. leave a message, you can do so now. “

You can view all messages in real time, and if you are a Ring Protect subscriber, you can view the recorded message later. Finally, Ring Cameras can now warn approaching visitors that they are being recorded. The feature is rolling out for wired doorbells, the Spotlight Cam Wired, Floodlight Cam and the Indoor Cam. When a camera detects motion, it speaks the words “Warning – You are now being monitored and recorded by Ring.” You can turn off the warning in the Ring app.

The new features are being rolled out to users now.

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