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Ring makes 2FA mandatory for all accounts, including privacy changes – View Geek

  A woman who logs in to her Ring account with two-step verification.

Ring security cameras & # 39; s have recently been in the news for the wrong reasons. It seems that many people re-used compromised passwords, allowing bad actors to log in and view users or even harass them. Today, Ring has announced that it makes two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory for all users with every login, and that it pauses third-party analysis.

If you want to place internet-connected security cameras in your home, you want peace of mind that you and only the people you allow have access to them. Unfortunately, password reuse is still a common problem to this day, and that has led bad actors to break into others' accounts.

It's as simple as combing a database from one of the many violated companies and trying combinations of username and password until you hit one. Once inside, you can see cameras, talk to people or anything that a legitimate user could do in their account. For a long time, Ring (owned by Amazon) has been blaming its users for these problems, but now the company is taking our advice and making it 2FA mandatory.

Starting today, every time you try to log in to your Ring account, you must enter a one-time pin code. You can choose to have the pin code sent by e-mail or text message, and that extra layer of security must prevent someone else from logging in to your account.

  Three ring screens, each with the next step in logging in and providing a PIN security
Two-factor authentication takes place in the app and uses e-mail or SMS to send the PIN Ring

If you set up shared user access (for family or friends), they must go through the same process when they access their account.

It is worth noting that Google recently announced that users who chose not to migrate from Nest accounts should also use 2FA.

But that's not it & # 39; These are only security issues that Ring has had to deal with lately. The amount of tracking and analysis that the company has given to third parties also led to research. Fortunately, Ring today pauses most of those analyzes. Unfortunately, it did not specify what it turned on.

Ring promised to build a new feature in the control center (found in the Ring app) that allows you to opt out of third-party analysis. And from today you can opt out of personalized ads.

These are huge and necessary changes, and it is good that the company has listened to feedback and implemented suggestions. We hope that the Ring is considering adding IP logging as an additional measure to prevent password guessing. But this is a good first step towards a safer service.

Ring says that the updates are now being rolled out and that users must use the latest version of the app (for iOS and Android) to use them. The company expects all users to see the changes within the week.

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