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Ring’s $ 250 Video Doorbell Pro 2 knows how close people are to your home – Review Geek

A Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 on a wooden door.

Fresh off a new cheap doorbell, Ring has a new high-end smart home option for you: the $ 249.99 Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. A new square image shows you who is at the door, from head to toe, and possibly your packages on the floor. And 3D motion sensors will tell you how close people are to your home.

A Ring Video Dorbell app with a complete picture from head to toe and a bird's eye view of a walked path.

Traditionally, Ring Video Doorbells have gone for a widescreen format for video, and while 16: 9 looks cinematic, much of the view is also obstructed when objects or people are close by. That’s why Nest and other video doorbells have a square look, so you can see from ceiling to floor, even up close. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 made the same change with a new 1536 x 1536 pixel image.

A mockup of people approaching a house door and rings indicating their distance from a house.

However, that’s not all that the premium video doorbell achieves. It also features Ring’s new 3D motion detection. By taking advantage of radar capabilities, the doorbell should have a better idea of ​​where a person is on your property (the sidewalk, your paved road, by your porch, etc.). You can then set more specific motion zones so that the doorbell only rings when they go from the public sidewalk to your personal path, for example.

That combined with a new Bird’s Eye View feature gives you an incredibly accurate picture of where a person is on (or just next to) your property. As the name suggests, Bird’s Eye View will draft an overhead map and place a point in marked zones to give you an idea of ​​how close someone can be to your home.

You can even follow the exact path they took from the outer movement zone to your doorway. Additionally, the new Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 uses the new Alexa Greetings option, smart responses, and will provide end-to-end encryption when fully released.

You can pre-order the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 3 from the Amazon site today, and it will be released on March 31.

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