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Satechi’s new $ 30 MagSafe charger offers a longer cord and 7.5W charging – Review Geek

Satechi MagSafe charger attached to a phone placed on a desk

The iPhone 12 series phones all come with MagSafe, a method that allows you to attach accessories magnetically to the back. Satechi joins in the fun by releasing its own version of the MagSafe charger, which supports up to 7.5W of power. The company also makes an optional magnetic sticker that allows you to use the charger with non-MagSafe phones.

By far the biggest advantage of Satechi̵

7;s charger is that the cable is a lot longer than Apple’s version and has a lower price tag of $ 29.99. Keep in mind that you’re limited to 7.5W, as opposed to 15W with the first-party option. Satechi’s charger is also available in space gray, as opposed to the typical silver and white you’d get if you opt for Apple’s charger.

Satechi magnetic sticker and MagSafe charger about to attach to the phone

What if you don’t have an iPhone 12? You can buy the $ 9.99 MagSafe sticker and attach it to your case or the phone itself. This allows you to use Satechi’s MagSafe charger without having to pay the cash for a new iPhone.

MagSafe itself is quite useful. As for chargers, this allows you to charge wirelessly without the typical downside of not being able to actively use your device when it’s on a mat. It’s also great with other accessories like wallets, potentially saving you space in your pocket.

Both products are available for pre-order and will ship from December 16. If you pre-order before the 16, you can get a 20% discount using the code MAGNET. The code applies whether you buy them both together or separately.

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