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Save $ 3 a month on HBO Max by pre-ordering – Review Geek

  A screenshot from the HBO Max website

Discount offers for HBO Max are almost impossible to find. But now WarnerMedia is pre-ordering from the HBO Max homepage. If you sign up for the service before the May 27 launch date, you can only pay $ 1

2 per month for the first year – $ 3 less than the regular monthly fee.

HBO Max is the WarnerMedia equivalent of Disney +. It is packed with classic HBO content, WarnerMedia features and even the Studio Ghibli catalog. HBO Now subscribers get free access to HBO Max (as long as you are subscribed through HBO or Apple), and some AT&T and DIRECTV customers are entitled to a free or free trial subscription through their cable subscription.

According to the sign-up page, early birds who take HBO Max's promotional offer are not eligible for a 1-month free trial. Once your first year is over, HBO Max will charge you the standard rate of $ 15 per month.

HBO also says that there is a "limited number of subscriptions" for this promotional offer. If you only want to pay $ 12 per month for HBO Max, you'd better sign up now.

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