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Score high with wild day food that you can make in a Crock Pot

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Chile certainly gets the most love when it comes to the big game, but that's not all that should be on your menu when hosting the biggest sporting event (and some might say, food) of the year. Why not give your slow cooker a break by just serving an unexpected slow cooker snack, meaty main course or drink? With this list of daily recipes for Crock-Pot games, you have plenty to choose from.

In fact, you may have to borrow a slow cooker if you cannot decide. (Bonus points if it is decked in the colors of your team.)

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Side cooker sides, apps & snacks

What is game day without dips? , wings and other not-whole-head snacks?

Slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip

Wild food does not really have a health halo, but that does not mean that vegetables cannot be part of your distribution. A creamy, sticky dip like this keeps everyone happy during the rest and afterwards. Receive the slow cooker recipe for spinach and artichokes.

Slowcooker French onions dip

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French onion dip is another sure bet, but it is also a time suck (if you are going to caramelize the onions well – what you should be, or what's the point?). Boiling the onions low and slowly in the Crock-Pot is a brilliant move, which means that the only practical parts are slicing vegetables and mixing everything at the end. Get the recipe for the Slowcooker French onion dip from Chowhound.

Slowmooker's party mix

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The name says it all: what does being together mean more than a traditional party mix? Try this smoky version of the in-store version to give your guests something to eat while mixing pre-kick-off. Get the recipe for the Chowhound slow cooker party mix.

Slowcooker chicken wings

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Nothing goes as well as wings and football. Drop the overpriced delivery options this year and serve some tender wings with minimal effort. Try this recipe for a spicy, spicy take that requires just a few minutes of preparation time. Get Chowhound & # 39; s slow cooker hot wings recipe.

Jalapeño popper dip

The best game day parties have an abundance of diving experiences on the menu, so don't stop at just one (or even two). But combine the dip with another all-star app (jalapeñopoppers of course). Serve this cheesy and heat-filled brew with chips or crackers that are strong enough to withstand a lot of dipping. Receive the Crock-Pot jalapeño popper dip recipe.

spiced nuts

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Spiced nuts can work as a welcome addition to a cheese platter or a vegetarian tray or can be placed in bowls throughout your house, so even those who don't watch the game can also chew. You will not regret serving this as a snack. Try this Crock-Pot sweet and spicy nut recipe.

Slow Cooker Main Food

When the warming up is over and you are ready to make the big game, these Crock-Pot main course recipes are all perfect for the game day.

Pulled pork

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Receive a bunch of meat-loving people for this year's festivities? Then pulled pork is exactly what you should serve to your carnivorous friends and fam. This spicy recipe can work as the centerpiece for nachos, tacos and sandwiches, or eaten solo for those who are still trying to fix it adhere to their good intentions and carbs. Get Chowhound & # 39; s spicy slow cooker pulled pork recipe. (Or try the recipe from Chowhound & # 39; s slow cooker BBQ beef breast, at the top of this page, in the same applications.)

Grated buffalo chicken

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Looking for exchange in buffalo wings for something less messy this year? Then grated buffalo chicken is what you are looking for. Serve it in sandwiches or on top of a sweet potato for a filling meal. Don't skimp on the ranch dressing (or blue cheese, if you prefer)! Receive the slow cooker buffalo chicken recipe.

Slow cooker bacon compote

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If your crew is obsessed with bacon, then this compote is definitely a hit. Spread over crostini if ​​you want to make your business a little more high-brow, or use it as a hamburger topping and see them disappear before the first quarter is over. Get Chowhound & # 39; s slow cooker bacon compote recipe.

Slow Cooker chili

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When all else fails, so much can be done with a good chili recipe, so don't be afraid to fall back on your biggest hits. Sprinkle over rice, nachos or serve as it is for a slow cooker matchday for the entire gang. Add fresh diced jalapenos and other garnishes that you like for extra taste. Get Chowhound & # 39; s spicy Crock-Pot chili recipe.

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Crock Pot fried potatoes

A baked potato bar is a perfect way to feed a crowd (and adding toppings changes the potatoes in a bona fide main event), but cooking the spuds in a Crock-Pot is an even easier option than using the oven – and more importantly, it frees that space for pizza or oven-baked wings. Moreover, the naked spuds can be a canvas for almost all of the above recipes, including the dips. Receive the Crock Pot recipe for baked potatoes.

Slow cooker drinks

If you want something other than a cold to wash everything away.

Hot cider

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Looking for an alternative to beer to enjoy while you watch the game? Then slow cooker cider is exactly what you are looking for. Add some rum for everyone 21-plus, or leave it virgin for the entire party to enjoy. Even if it is ice cold outside, you immediately warm up with this drink. (As a bonus, your house smells great because it brews.) Try this slow-spiced recipe with apple cider.

Hot chocolate

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Every winter opportunity is an ideal time to serve some hot chocolate for both children and adults. Set up a hot chocolate bar with some of your favorite fixings such as chocolate syrup, tons of marshmallows, peppermint and OK, some drinks for the adults, and let everyone make their own customized drink. Receive the slow cooker recipe for hot chocolate.

This story was written by Kelsey Butler for Chowhound.

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