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Score these Yeti, Aerolatte and more holiday gifts for coffee lovers

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Yeti, Aerolatte and other leading brands have some great gifts for the coffee lover in your life this holiday season – even if they are the type that always have a rare and delicious brew to drink in their kitchen. If you know what type of Java coffee lover you have in your life, you can limit your choices for the best gifts for coffee lovers.

The point is that a perfect cuppa looks different for every coffee drinker. Coffee connoisseurs can grind their own beans for their beautiful pour-over coffee maker or French press. Or they can make it a habit to stop at Starbucks for a glowing morning coffee for work. Others live and die from iced coffee, which must be brewed to their exact specifications and is probably in a carafe in their fridge right now. Still others go to their neighborhood café for their ideal daily mix. Then there are people who just turn on their auto-drip coffee maker for a few simple morning caffeine cups. Whatever their way, we have the perfect gift for the sweet coffee connoisseur in your life.

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With this 100% soy candle (a perfect stocking stuffer), you can wake up & # 39; in the morning with the rich, warm scents of freshly roasted espresso beans and the soft crackling of a wooden wick on your coffee table. The candles are made in the United States from natural soy wax and are free of phthalates and dyes. They burn with a clear, consistent glow thanks to double wooden slivers, one of which crackles for a cozy open hair effect. And they last for up to 60 hours and fill your house with the stimulating smell of caffeine. It is so convincing that you almost want to take a drink!

] a perfect morning lag every now and then. With this stainless steel immersion frother, they can enjoy perfect barista-quality drinks from their kitchen without surcharge.

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If you are like me, you need at least three stainless travel mugs in circulation to make up for how often I put them on leave work or elsewhere. This stainless steel Yeti mug is a perfect gift, has a handle and keeps your morning coffee as warm as Hades as long as it is needed to drink it. But note: this is not great for drivers, because the stainless steel mug does not fit in a standard cup holder.

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Sur la Table

Even if you have a coffee system, a simple pour unit can be great to quickly to make a cup without putting a whole pot. This unique ceramic, dishwasher-safe brewer makes perfect coffee with a bold taste and great taste. We recommend combining this with a murderous kettle to heat up hot water in no time. And transfer your trip so that you can make your favorite coffee on holiday without any problems.

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Sur la Table

How about a perfect, warm copper kettle for coffee-obsessed (or for the sound of music) -obsessed). This works well with any pour-over unit as above (or for tea!) And is handsome as anything.

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Slow coffee drinkers rejoice. This smart mug keeps your coffee at any temperature (glowing or not so hot) that you prefer, as long as you drink it with a built-in electric warmer. It can even be operated from your phone via an app.


If you are a coffee lover for cats and I would suggest getting this cute sugar bowl as a unique gift for them.


If you enjoy traveling through the US to view the local coffee scenes, a Trade coffee subscription may be the perfect coffee gift for yourself. They have favorite coffee roasters from all over the country, such as Gimme !, Sightglass and Intelligentsia, all delivered to your home with a frequency that you choose.

Regarding subscription options, you can have two 12-ounce bags of classic blends for $ 25 in total per delivery ($ 12.50 per bag), or a single bag of one of 400 coffee roasters for between $ 15 and $ 22 per delivery (shipping included for both options). Trade takes you through a few coffee onboarding questions to determine your favorite taste (chocolate, someone?) And roasts. If you need ground coffee, you can even choose your usual brewing method for the perfect coffee thickness for your filter.

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