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Search for local & # 39; free shred days & # 39; to safely remove sensitive documents – LifeSavvy

  A box of finely shredded paper.
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If you don't have a shredder at home (or if you just have an overwhelming stack), there are still options for discarding sensitive documents. There is a good chance that an organization in your area organizes a so-called shred day.

Of course, a shredder at home is great ̵

1; assuming you are buying a good one. But even with a good one, you must maintain it, replace parts eventually and otherwise be busy with it. If you routinely have to destroy things, that might be worth it. But if you're not dealing with sensitive customer records and can throw everything you need to destroy into a copy box and stack it up later, there's a great alternative to taking up space in your home office with a shredder :

Instead of investing in a paper shredder or paying to have it done in stores like Staples, you could wait for a local organization to organize a shred day where they bring trucks to shred personal documents in bulk. [19659006] Who hosts free shred days?

There are many different companies that organize free shred days. Contact your local bank or credit union to see if they offer a free shred day. Financial institutions are by far one of the most common places where you come across one of these events.

Non-profit organizations and even the Better Business Bureau sometimes organize free shred days in local churches or other locations. This type of information is usually shared in a local newspaper, or you can search online for "free paper destruction days" in your area. Check if there is a small print for the event – most free shred days have "three boxes per family" or something similar, with a "box" usually being a standard copy paper box. [19659005] Another point of sale that is worth visiting if you are looking for places where you can destroy your paper for free is in hospitals. Some hospitals organize free shredder days, where you go into the lobby and shred your documents and go through your day.

Places that organize free shredder days may only do this once a year or a few times a year, but if there are many sites in your area you can offer this type of service, you can save your documents and stop by when the shred day matches your schedule.

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