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Second $ 2,000 Stimulus Check: Senate, House Vote Thursday for Larger Trump Payment


Congress voted on a smaller stimulus package designed to help the US in the coming months, including a smaller second stimulus check.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The House of Representatives and Senate have a spooky chance to pass a standalone bill Thursday morning that would send tens of millions of Americans up to $ 2,000 second stimulus control instead of the $ 600 direct payment authorized in one $ 900 billion incentive bill Monday night. In yet another spin on the elaborate stimulus check saga, President Donald Trump derided the second stimulus check’s $ 600 per person upper limit if “ridiculously lowand asked Congress for instead, change the bill to an upper limit of $ 2,000, indicating that he would not sign the stimulus bill into law without Congress meeting his condition.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted a response shortly after, “At last the president has agreed to $ 2,000 – Democrats are ready to take this to the floor with unanimous approval this week. Let’s do it!”

Currently, the House is scheduled for a pro forma session Thursday at 9 a.m.ET, where it plans to use a method called unanimous consent to quickly pass a standalone law for a $ 2,000 second stimulus check, before moving it to the Senate for a vote. However, the Senate has other ideas.

According to Billy House, Bloomberg News ‘Billy House, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy is planning to turn down the Democrats’ request for unanimous consent and his own counter-proposal. It’s not clear if Republicans also have one $ 2,000 second stimulus check among other objectives.

On Dec. 28, Pelosi said the House will try to override Trump’s veto of a $ 740 billion defense bill also passed in the Senate. According to Politico’s Heather Caygle, she could also revisit the subject of a $ 2,000 stimulus check.

As of Wednesday, Trump has not explicitly said he intends to veto the stimulus bill, which is part of a larger omnibus tied to federal funding for 2021. The two parts have been passed as a unit by Congress and can be cannot be separated. It is not clear whether Trump plans to return to the White House to sign the overarching law, even if a $ 2,000 direct payment replaced the current $ 600 total.

Trump is currently at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Springs, Florida and, according to reports, will return on January 1 at the earliest. However, according to a White House press agenda tweeted by CNN’s Jerry Diamond, his agenda includes many meetings and phone calls.

Trump’s geography is creating a ripple for the stimulus bill. Without the president’s signature, it would be an automatic veto. With the timing so close to the end of the current parliamentary term (the new session will be sworn in on Jan. 3), the House and Senate may have too little time to lift the veto, effectively forcing the new Congress to start over .

They are not curtains yet. Trump – who came abruptly in October has removed the White House from ongoing negotiations about the stimulus bill while being treated for COVID-19, to offer a deal three days later – he could change his mind. The president’s video speech sparked a whirlwind of political analysis as to what could happen with the bill and the second stimulus control it contains, and what can Congress do about it so close to the end of the session before the next Congress is sworn in on January 3.

Even if the House of Representatives has a self-contained bill with a second stimulus control for up to $ 2,000 per adult, would it become a law? And when? What would that mean for the $ 600 stimulus check currently in limbo with the $ 900 billion stimulus package Trump now has indicates that he will not sign? This story is often updated with new information.

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Second stimulus checks: everything you need to know


The amount of the $ 2,000 stimulus check is not new

Since the spring, several Democrats have proposed a $ 2000 incentive check, including Vice President Senator Kamala Harris, sens. Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey and a one-time presidential hopeful (and now hopeful New York mayor) Andrew Yang. Some supporters of this figure have even suggested sending checks on a monthly rather than one-time basis.

What if Congress doesn’t change the stimulus law?

There’s a lot of dialogue about this right now, but here are some simplified options:

  • Trump could sign the $ 900 billion anyway. The Incentive Act and the Financing Memorandum for 2021 are linked.
  • Trump could live up to his threat by actively vetoing the stimulus package.
  • He could passively refuse to sign it (aka a pocket veto). If Congress doesn’t deliver the full bill to Trump by the end of the day, they are not expected to have enough time to override the veto. This requires a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, a margin that both houses have already cleared but may not have time to vote on.
  • If the bill fails, the new parliamentary term, which starts on January 3, must start again.

Biden has already committed to a new incentive bill and third incentive check

Most American leaders seem like the $ 900 billion incentive bill as a stepping stone to a larger aid package in 2021, one that might be able to do that include a third stimulus check and other provisions that Republicans and Democrats agreed to omit this round to strike a critical deal.

“This bill is just the first step, a down payment, to address the crisis – crises, more than one – we find ourselves in,” President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday, emphasizing that he would like to see a third stimulus check.

If the $ 900 billion stimulus bill becomes law, how soon could the benefits materialize?

Aid was likely to begin to go out within a week or two of the law being officially passed, with certain funding programs potentially getting financial aid before the end of 2020. On Monday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin gave the goal of sending payments through next week direct deposit to people who qualify for one second stimulus control to receive their payment intended to bring direct cash flow to tens of millions of Americans. And the $ 300 unemployment checks will restart on December 26.

If the bill signing is delayed, the timeline can shift as agencies need time to set up their processes and communicate with recipients about what to do or expect.

You can now calculate your second stimulus check total. Here’s what payment group you may be in. This is what we know how soon we think the IRS can send a second stimulus check, and there are more details on this weekly unemployment insurance.


A vote on the new stimulus package will soon be possible.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Why wasn’t a bigger second stimulus part of the deal?

A second stimulus control has had widespread bipartisan support since the CARES Act was passed. In recent months, everyone from Trump and Biden to members of Congress, economists and ordinary people have advocated a different direct payment.

Last week, Trump called for “more money than they are talking about” in stimulus checks, as high as $ 1,200 or $ 2,000 per person. At the time, Aides would have convinced him that making such demands would jeopardize a stimulus law, The Washington Post reported.

While many are in favor of a direct payment of $ 1,200 in theory, a second smaller stimulus check has helped keep costs below the $ 1 trillion mark that Republican lawmakers said in the past they would support.

Stimulus control isn’t cheap. The IRS said this summer it had spent $ 270 billion sending 160 million checks, and on Monday Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican involved in drafting the bipartisan stimulus proposal, predicted a cost of $ 300 billion if the checks once were charged again for $ 1,200 per person. Republicans have reportedly curbed costs.

A variety of factors could have contributed to a second stimulus check making its way into the final bill at all, from popular opinion and presidential bias to complicated negotiations that cut $ 160 billion from elsewhere, enough for a smaller stimulus check than before.

For more information on stimulus controls, here how quickly you now get your second stimulus check, what to do to speed up the delivery of a possible second check and what you need to know about the HEALS, CARES and Heroes proposals for incentive laws that can help inform a final package.

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