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Self-publishing on Amazon

  Self-publishing for the Amazon Kindle

So you have this great idea for a book. It is notoriously difficult to pursue a publication deal, and even if you are successful, you can be taken out of income. Alternatively, you can always choose to publish yourself.

Publishing yourself sounds difficult and perhaps a bit intimidating, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can simply go to Kindle Direct Publishing and get started. Here is a short guide to self-publishing on Amazon.

How to publish yourself on Amazon:

1. If you want to publish a book, you need the correct account type. Fortunately, Amazon Kindle has Direct Publishing that you can set up via your Amazon account. However, you must add specific tax information before you can publish. To do this, simply find the Update tab in your account and enter your information.

2. Now that you have your account, it's time for the exciting part. Hopefully you have already finished writing your book and that is why you are here. The first two things that must be entered are a title and subtitles. You probably already have this. If not, try to think of some of your favorite books and how their titles attract you.

3. Potential readers look at three important things when they view a book: the title, the cover and the description. The description should tell what your book is really about and what excites you most when writing it. Your first sentence should be as exciting as possible while working as a sales pitch or advertisement for your book.

4. Now the final step in optimizing your book: selecting a few keywords and categories. With Amazon you can select up to seven keywords, so choose carefully. For example, if your book is about productivity, you can choose phrases such as:

  • Being productive
  • Productivity examples
  • Improve your focus

After the keywords, you can choose some categories. The categories are slightly simpler than keywords because they deal with issues such as non-fiction, self-help or continuing education. Your goal when it comes to categories is to find a topic that is popular, but without too much competition.

How to upload and make money:

5. You are finally ready to upload your manuscript. First go to the Your bookshelf section of your Kindle Direct publishing account. Now follow these steps:

Kindle eBook actions Edit eBook content Upload eBook manuscript

And now your manuscript must be right for you! This is also the step where you must choose your book cover. You can go for something simple, or if you publish a novel, it might be better to pursue an exciting cover. This is the final step, so now it's time to start selling.

6. You only have to set your price. There are many pricing strategies that you can take with Amazon, and it often depends on your experience. Many beginners choose to start with $ 2.99 and then gradually raise the price to $ 9.99 each week. This attracts readers with a low price and as word spreads, readers will pay more to read your work. You must research your competition and your niche well before choosing a price.

Now you are ready to publish and sell your book!

What else do I need to publish myself?

So that's how to self-publish on Amazon, but the pursuit of Kindle Direct Publishing is just one of the ways to get yourself published. There are many more tips to learn about improving your writing skills and boosting your sales. Fortunately for you, we have found a fast-track deal on Tech Deals that includes everything you need to know.

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