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Send emails to undisclosed recipients in Gmail

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If you want to send an email in Gmail to a large number of undisclosed recipients, you may want to hide their email addresses from others. It’s easy to do using the blind carbon copy (BCC) feature.

Send emails to undisclosed recipients in Gmail on the web

It is possible to send emails without identifying all recipients by sending the email as a BCC to specified addresses. To do this with Gmail in your web browser, open the Gmail website and select the “Compose”

; button to open a new message.

In the Gmail web interface, press the

If you’re replying to (or forwarding) an email at the bottom of an existing email chain, select the Popout Reply button in the top right corner of the quick reply box to make changes to the intended recipients.

To add Bcc fields to a quick reply box at the bottom of an existing email chain, press the

In the “New Message” box, compose the email according to your specifications, adding the email subject and body (or edit if replying to or forwarding an existing email chain).

You can add a master recipient (shared with all other recipients) in the “To” field, but it is not required. To add a BCC recipient and hide that recipient’s email address from the message, select the “BCC” option to the right of the “To” field.

To add one or more Bcc recipients, press

This will insert a “BCC” box directly below the “To” field. Add the various email addresses or email lists you want to send your message to before selecting “Send” to send the email.

Type the intended hidden recipients into the

Once opened, the email addresses you put in the “BCC” field will be hidden from all other recipients (including other BCC recipients). However, all other elements of the email will remain visible, including any standard or CC email addresses.

Send emails to undisclosed recipients in Gmail on mobile devices

The ability to send emails to undisclosed recipients in Gmail is also available in the mobile app for Android, iPhone or iPad. To get started, open the Gmail app on your device and tap the ‘Compose’ button in the bottom right corner.

In the Gmail app, tap the

You can also select the Reply option in an existing email to reply to that message, or tap the three dot menu icon> Forward to forward it.

Press Forward) to reply to (or forward) an existing email chain in Gmail. “Width =” 650 “height =” 270 “onload =” pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); “onerror =” this.onerror = null; page speed .lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); “/>

From the “Compose” menu, select the email account you want to send the email to using the “From” drop-down menu. Compose the email as required, add a subject line and enough body text.

You can also add a master email recipient in the “To” box, although it is not required. To add one or more BCC recipients, tap the down arrow to the right of the “To” box.

Tap the down arrow icon next to it

This will make the CC (carbon copy) and BCC (blind carbon copy) fields visible for you to use. To add recipients that will be hidden, enter the email addresses of the recipients (or enter the name of a saved list) in the “BCC” field.

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When you’re ready to send the email, tap the Send button in the top right corner.

Add the email recipients you want to hide in the

The subject and content of the e-mail are available to everyone upon receipt, but the e-mail addresses of the BCC recipient remain hidden.

The BCC field is not exclusive to Gmail and you will find similar functionality in Outlook and all other email clients and services. If you are using Gmail in another email client, pay attention to the BCC field while composing your emails to keep your intended email recipients hidden from others.

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