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Send someone money with Google Pay

Google Pay money transfer

Thanks to smartphones, it is now easier than ever to send money to people. Google Pay is a powerful service with many features, including peer-to-peer payments. We show you how easy it is to send money to others.

Google revamped Google Pay in late 2020 with a slew of new features, but one that̵

7;s been around for a while is the ability to send money to people. It is possible to quickly transfer money to anyone with a Google Pay account.

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Note: Before we get started, know that you can only send money from a debit card or your Google Pay balance. It doesn’t work with credit cards.

First, open the “Google Pay” app on your iPhone or Android device. Make sure you are on the main ‘Payments’ tab.

Google Pay Home tab

At the top of the ‘Payments’ tab is the ‘People’ section, tap ‘Find people to pay’.

tap search people to pay

There are a number of different ways to find someone to pay. You can tap ‘Scan QR Code’ to scan the person’s personal Google Pay code. The easier option is to simply search at the top of the screen.

how to find people

You can search by name, phone number and email address. If the person has signed up for Google Pay, it will be displayed. If not, you can invite them.

invite a person to Google Pay

If the person is a Google Pay user, just tap their name in the results.

select a Google Pay user

A message screen that resembles a messenger opens. At the bottom there are a few buttons. Tap “Pay” to send money.

tap the payment button

Then type in the amount you want to send and add a note about it. Tap the blue check mark when you’re done.

enter an amount of money, add a note and tap the check mark

A confirmation message will appear. You can choose a different payment method if you wish. If the person is not in your contact list, Google will warn you to check if the information is correct. Tap “Pay $ X, XX” when done.

tap the pay button to finish

It takes a few seconds for the transfer to process. When it’s done, Google Pay will tell you how much was sent and at what time. Tap “Got it” to exit.


The transfer will now appear on the conversation screen with the person.

the money transfer in the conversation history

That’s all there is to it! This is a fairly easy process if you can get people to use Google Pay at all. The fact that you can’t use credit cards is a bit cumbersome, but other methods work fine.

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