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Set an alarm for sunrise or sunset on Android

sunrise and sunset alarm

Alarms are usually set to specific times, but it is possible to create alerts based on the dynamic sunrise and sunset times in your area. This can be done with a Google Assistant routine on Android.

If you are interested in doing this on an iPhone, it is possible through a Shortcuts automation. However, on Android we use a Google Assistant routine and the sunrise/sunset action. Keep in mind that this is not a typical “alarm”

;, but more of a warning.

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First, we launch the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or by swiping in from the left or right corner.

Swipe in from the left or right corner to launch the Google Assistant.

Then tap your profile icon in the top right corner to open the Assistant Settings.

Scroll through the list of settings and select ‘Routines’.


Tap the “New” button at the top of the screen.


First we need to decide how to activate the routine. This is where sunrise and sunset come in. Tap ‘Add launcher’.


Now we can select ‘Sunrise/Sunset’.


Choose whether you want the routine to start at ‘Sunrise’ or ‘Sunset’.

choose the

In order for Google to know when sunrise and sunset occur, you must first choose your location.


You can choose from your saved locations or enter a new one. Tap “Done” when you have made the selection.

select a location and tap

Then you can decide how you want to use the sunrise/sunset time. Select ‘When the sun goes down’ or ‘When the sun rises’.

You can change the shift of sunrise or sunset alarms by pressing the

If you don’t want the alarm to be exactly at sunrise or sunset, you can choose an offset here. Select ‘Done’ when you have made a choice.

choose a time based on sunrise or sunset and tap

The next thing to do is decide on which days the routine will run. Tap the days to select them.

choose which days the alarm should work

This process creates an alert on your Android device, but you can also choose to play the alert through Google smart speakers.

choose a smart speaker for the alert if you want it played on more than your phone

Finally (and this is the most important part if you want the alert on your Android device), enable “Get notified on your phone when this routine starts.” Tap “Done” to finish.

Turn on the setting to get a notification on your phone and tap

At the time of writing, Google requires a voice command to be associated with each routine. We won’t be using this to start the routine, but it’s still needed. This is also what the name of the routine will be. Tap ‘Add Voice Starter’.


Enter a command phrase and tap Done.

enter a command phrase and tap

For the routine to work, something has to be done. Tap “Add Action” to get started.


Select ‘Communicate and announce’.

Select the

Then check the box for “Say something” and tap the arrow icon.

Enter anything you want here. If you’ve added a smart speaker, this is the phrase the Google Assistant will announce. Tap “Done” when you’re done.

Enter a voice prompt and tap the

On the next screen, select the “Done” button again.


Now you can select “Save” to finish the routine.


If you didn’t select a speaker during setup, Google will ask if you don’t want to use one. Tap “No Speaker” if you’re sure.

Choose the

Note: A notification will prompt you to add a speaker when this routine is run. You can ignore it as it is not necessary for our situation.

That is it! The routine will now run at your desired time and you will be notified when it does. While this may not be quite the same as an “alarm”, it does warn you.

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