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Set up 2-factor authentication

We are all concerned about online safety these days as much of our lives take place on the internet. The war between hackers and security experts is on and no one has announced victory yet. Fortunately, we consumers have some smart security pawns on our side and they came up with a simple, almost foolproof way to protect your identity: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), the gold standard for online security. .

If a site ever sent a code to your cell phone that you then enter online, you’ve already used 2FA

What is the difference between Two-Factor Authentication and Two-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is when a site requires a password and a username. Passwords are notoriously insecure. Too many of us use the same passwords for years and use easy-to-guess names, dates, or numbers. 2FA improves the game by also requiring something that only you own, such as your cell phone.

Why 2FA works

2FA authentication further increases security two different forms of identification to access something. It doesn̵

7;t just require something you need know, such as your password and username, but something you to havesuch as your mobile phone that can receive a one-time code to verify your account. Unless a hacker has your cell phone, 2FA is pretty much foolproof.

2FA isn’t just for online sites. It is also used in other ways such as withdrawing money from an ATM. To access your account you need both your debit card and a pin code. Is 2FA Really Safe for Bank Accounts? This article will reassure you.

Even gas stations use 2FA to keep your credit card from being stolen. You need both the card (something you own) and something you know (your PIN or zip code) to unlock the pump.

2FA is preferable to those senior unfriendly security questions we all hate. How many of us can remember the name of our first pet or elementary school?

How to set up 2FA on all your devices

The configuration for 2FA varies from device to device. Generally, go to “settings”, select “security” and then the menu item for “two-step verification”. You can choose a cell phone or email notification to send the code to.

Here’s how to enable 2FA on all your devices.

Here’s more good information about 2FA and installation advice.

Warning! 2FA is not waterproof

2FA can be “phishing” or “spoofed” if you respond to a bogus site’s request to login. Hackers are kind of twisting the site name, like using LinkedIn.co instead of .com to deceive you. This article explains how to protect yourself.

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