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Set up a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick


Setting up a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is an easy way to protect your privacy.

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Finally found the right one virtual private network for your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV ($40 at Amazon)? Excellent. (If not, check out our recommendations for the best Amazon Fire TV Stick VPN.) Installing and using the VPN is easier than you think. And that’s a good idea, because it helps you get around regional restrictions on streaming services and protects your privacy from your ISP and advertisers.

Keep in mind that not all VPNs work with Amazon Fire TV Sticks. Likewise, not all Amazon Fire TV sticks will work with your VPN. However, the VPNs we most recommend for this platform all work at least with second-generation or later sticks.

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You can also view our full list of best VPNs for 2021, where you’ll find bulleted lists of the platforms it’s compatible with next to each VPN.

This is the easiest way to install your VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Download and install a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick


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1. Turn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and go to your House screen. Select Search and type the name of the compatible VPN you are looking for. (Again, if you need a suggestion, here it is our list of recommended VPNs for your Amazon Fire TV Stick.)

2. Within the Amazon Appstore you will see the name of your VPN. Select it and you will be given the option to install it. Select To download. It’s best if you don’t exit the current screen or press any other button until the download icon has completed its loading cycle.


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3. Once the download is complete, the button will change to: Open. Select it with your remote and you should see your VPN login screen.

4. Enter your login details. (If this is your first time using the VPN, you can also sign up for an account here, but it’s probably easier to do this on a laptop or phone.) The VPN will automatically detect that you’re using it on a different platform used. Keep in mind that almost all VPNs limit users to a specific number of devices they can use per account. Amazon Fire TV Stick counts as one of those devices.

5. If you use one of the VPNs we most recommend for this platform, you’ll see a must-have large Connect button in the center of your screen. Select it and you will go to the races.

By default, most VPNs are set up so that you have to manually start the VPN every time you turn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, most VPNs have an option in their settings menus that allows you to choose to have the VPN start automatically when your Stick is turned on. If your VPN is limiting your data usage, this may not be a good option. For everyone else, however, it can be an excellent convenience. Check your VPN’s settings to find that option.

For more information, check out our list of the fastest VPNs we’ve tested so far, and the best cheap VPNs available.

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