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Shelly’s motion sensor turns on your lights faster than you can tell Alexa – Review Geek

A motion sensor on a gray background with a red light shining.

If you have a smart home, chances are you̵

7;ve already set up some level of voice control. But why tell your home what to do? Why not enable it to anticipate you? The $ 39.90 Shelly Motion sensor promises to do that. It turns on your lights when you enter a room so quickly that you don’t get a chance to use a voice command.

Motion sensors are of course not a new concept, you will find them at Samsung and Wyze. But it is a challenge to find one that is reliable and fast. The original Wyze sensors performed so inconsistently that the company stopped selling them and announced improved sensors. Battery life is equally an issue, and you will often find yourself replacing watch batteries.

A motion sensor in a kitchen.

But Shelley’s motion sensor tries to get around all of that. First, it is WiFi powered. That means you don’t need a hub: instead, it connects directly to your router. It also stays connected to your internet 24/7, instead of going into a rest mode like many other sensors. Between that and a response time of over 200ms, it can turn on your lights or smart plugs almost instantly.

You also don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. The Shelly Wi-Fi motion sensor contains a 6,500 mAh rechargeable battery and the company promises it will last more than a year on a single charge. It charges via micro USB, so don’t throw away your old smartphone cable.

You pair the motion sensor with the Shelly app to control other Shelly devices with Wi-Fi and adjust its sensitivity from within the app. But for more smart home control, you can connect it to Alexa through the Shelly Skill and use routines to control all of your Alexa-powered smart home devices.

While it’s bigger than some other motion sensors, it’s because of the built-in battery. The stand is movable and has built-in mounting points for easy placement or wall mounting.

We’ve got a Shelly motion sensor in for testing, and a full review will come later. But so far, it’s as responsive as promised, even when using Alexa routines to control lights. You can buy the $ 39.90 motion sensor Shelly’s site today.

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