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Should I upgrade my immediate reading thermometer?

Purchasing Committee Let us know what products you continue to add to your shopping cart, only to "Save for later." We offer our tag and ask readers who own the product to weigh in.

The grill season is just a few weeks left, but Emily McKinney can't just add Lavaworks Javelin Pro Duo to her kitchen's arsenal. It is generally known that digital thermometers can make cooking infinitely easier, but for Emily the question is not whether one should have one, but whether it should be upgraded.

For a while now I have been waffling over to buy a fancy-schmancy instant-read thermometer to replace my mediocre one (a $ 1

5 Taylor model I've had for 5 years).

I'm not a professional chef, but I cook several times a week at home, and I also try to make my grilling technique perfect. I currently have a pretty basic model that works okay, but takes a while to get to the temperature (even though I've never really timed it).

I know that Kinja readers are raving about Thermapen, and I almost bought one, but then read many reviews and thought I had come on a cheaper (but still highly rated) model, Lavaworks Javelin Pro Duo.

But it's still reassuring in my Amazon wagon, because I think I'm breaking between wondering if I would just splurge for the "gold standard" thermometer, or if I even notice any real difference in speed compared to what I currently using, and it is stupid to spend more money to shave off a second or two.

$ 54

From amazon

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So, the buying committee (that's you), ] scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with digital thermometers in general, and especially Lavaworks Javelin Pro Duo and Thermapen in particular. Help Emily decide whether to upgrade and what she should buy!

While we think that Javelin is good, Thermapen is the undisputed leader in space and has some quality of life characteristics such as Javelin, not as a rotating screen and a motion sensor , automatically shut down when not in use. Don't forget the ThermoWorks second thermometer, ThermoPop. It is considerably cheaper than both other options, and equally accurate, while sacrificing only a second or two speeds. It's really the best value of the three, but you can't go wrong with any of them.

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