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Shut down or restart your Playstation 5

a ps5 turned on with a glowing blue light

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) UI puts the power options in a hidden menu, making them somewhat difficult to find. We̵

7;ll explain how to find the options so that you can easily turn your console off, put it into rest mode, restart, or turn the system back on if needed.

How to turn off the PlayStation 5 with the controller

The PlayStation 5 UI differs from previous console generations in that the power options do not have their own separate icon on the home screen. The power options are now hidden in the Control Center, which you can only find with the controller.

To access the “Control Center”, press the “PlayStation” icon button on the DualSense controller. This is the button directly below the rectangular touchpad in the shape of the PlayStation icon. If you press this, the Control Center will appear and disappear on your screen, even if you are in the middle of a game.

the playstation 5 dualsense controller logo button

There are several icons in the Control Center that you may recognize, including downloads, your friends list, and microphone settings. The power options in the Control Center are located on the far right of the row of icons.

Tap “X” on your DualSense controller when you get to the icon that looks like a power button and you will see three options.

the power button in the ps5 control center

The first is ‘Rest Mode’, which puts your PS5 into low power sleep mode. The benefit of rest mode is that your PS5 will still download and install game updates, and your games will remain paused until you’re ready to resume play.

rest mode in the PS5's power options menu
Rachel Kaser

The second option is to turn off your PS5. This is necessary before unplugging the console, and ideal if you know you won’t be turning it on for an extended period of time. While Rest mode is a power-saving option, turning off the console will save you quite a bit more power.

turn off ps5 in the power options menu
Rachel Kaser

The third option is to reboot the PS5. This is useful if you are having problems with your console and want to use the ancient miracle cure to turn it off and on again.

restart ps5 in power options menu
Rachel Kaser

Choose the option you want and your console will shut down, reboot, or go into sleep mode.

How to turn off the PlayStation 5 with the power button

If you don’t have access to your controller – if it no longer functions, for example – you can turn off your console via the physical power button. But you will have to look carefully for it.

The power button can be difficult to see as it is a black button on the black center stripe of the console. It’s about three inches above what the bottom of the console would be when it is vertical.

If you have the version of the PS5 with a disc drive, it will even sit with the outside edge of the disc opening. If you have the digital version of the PS5, this will be the only button on the front of the console.

ps5 physical console power button
Rachel Kaser

The power button is located next to the eject button on the standard PS5. You can tell the difference between the two, either by the icons next to them (which are admittedly quite small) or by the position – the power button is always closer to the bottom of the console.

Tapping the power button for a second will put your console into rest mode. If you press and hold the power button for three seconds, your console will shut down completely.

How to turn on the PlayStation 5

When you’re ready to turn your console back on, you have three options. The first is to tap the same power button on the console. Tapping it once turns on the console. Holding it will boot your console in safe mode, which is useful if you have a problem with the console and want to reset it to factory settings.

Your second option is to press the “PlayStation” icon on your controller. This will turn on your console and your controller at the same time.

The third option is called HDMI link and it turns on your console when you turn on your TV, or when you switch to whatever input your PS5 is the source for.

To enable this option, go to your settings, which you can find by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your PS5’s user interface. Then scroll down in your settings until you find the “System” option.

where the system option can be found in the ps5 settings

In the “HDMI” submenu, you will find a switch for “Enable HDMI Device Link” if this option is available. Note that this is not available with every television.

where you can find ps5 hdmi link settings

Please note that if HDMI link is enabled, your console will automatically go into sleep mode when you turn off the TV. It’s useful, but you may want to turn this option off if you’re using the TV for things other than gaming on the PS5.

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