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Snap & # 39; s Spectacles 3 officially goes online online and in retail «Next Reality

After the first plague of more than three months ago, Snap Inc. late finally the public can get hold of its new portable device for Spectacles 3.

The limited release colors come Mineral (gold) and Carbon (black) and are packed with a number of functions that are an upgrade from the previous version of Spectacles.

We only owned Spectacles 3 for a few days, so we will have a thorough hands-on analysis soon, but for now we can confirm that the new Spectacles 3 is definitely an important upgrade from all previous versions.

Of the light frame and the much smaller form factor, virtually the only way you would even know that these are technical with compatible wearables is by looking at the cameras on either side of the frames.

Image via Snap

Like the previous version, Spectacles 3 captures high-definition video and photos, but now there is an extra camera that you can use to add depth to your saved images.

Thanks to the additional camera, you can now also add 3D augmented reality effects to video images after you have saved them in the Snapchat app. What may not be immediately clear from some of the demo videos you've seen is how well the occlusion with some of the 3D effects (something we'll show in detail in our hands-on).

Images via Snap [19659007] In addition to being able to view your 3D photos on your smartphone, the Spectacles 3 package also comes with a VR-like viewer (similar to Google Cardboard) with which you can view your can view images in a more immersive mode.

Images via Snap

Available for $ 380 on the Spectacles website, the wearable will also be available in the US at Neiman Marcus / Smartech (the New York and San Francisco branches) and at Ron Robinson in Los Angeles .

Outside of the US, the wearable is available in Europe at Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Smartech stores in the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy. In the United Arab Emirates you can pick them up at Harvey Nichols, and in Asia they are available in Japan via Smartech.

Image via Snap

If you remember the original Spectacles, prepare for the re-introduction of the concept, because Spectacles 3 is by no means the first. Spectacles 3 looks real and feels more like a high-end fashion accessory instead of a piece of wearable technology. And that is exactly what the space for smart glasses needs, as it will rise to full-fledged AR wearables in the coming months and years.

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