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Snapchat could play in a big way

Can a large selection of mini games tempt you to spend more time in Snapchat? According to an anonymous source "familiar with the case", Snapchat plans to announce a new gaming platform as early as next month.

Cheddar reports that developers will be able to build games that live in the Snapchat app, but what exactly they can look like and how they can work is not yet clear.

It's a rumor we've heard before, with a Snapchat game platform battle originally tipped for the end of 2018. It didn't happen, but it sounds like the new features are ready to go in 2019.

An announcement will be made in early April on a Snapchat content and the Cheddar development meeting, with games made available sometime after that.

Play the game

Signs are there: Last year Snapchat parent company Snap acquired a small Australian gaming studio, and it has also been rumored that they have made other similar acquisitions recently.

Snapchat also has earlier form for this with a slightly enhanced r eality game called Snappables which appears inside the app in early 201

8. It sounds like the new titles would be much wider.

Snapchat can certainly use something to continue attracting users in the battle with Instagram, having seen its popular Stories format stolen by other apps. Games can be accompanied by advertisements or purchases in the app, which increases the revenue of Snap.

If and when Snapchat launches a new gaming platform, we will notify you. It is possible that there may be games for the Snapchat spectacles.

Via The Verge

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