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Squadrons’ Game is on sale at 40% off – Review Geek

An X-Wing flying away from a Tie Fighter in a space battle

EA had a bad rap for a while for expensive games full of endless microtransactions. Then it came along Star Wars: Squadrons, a cheap space combat game without microtransactions. If you buy the PC version, you even get VR included; no additional purchase required. What could be better? A 40% sale taking the price from an already reasonable $ 40 to $ 23.99.

Star Wars: Squadrons for the uninitiated puts you in the pilot seat on both the new republic and the imperial side of the battle. It begins shortly after the destruction of the planet in Alderaan A new hope, but then jumps straight to the events that take place afterwards Return of the Jedi. You take turns controlling ships for both sides, from Tie Fighters to X-Wings, to A-Wings and Tie Bombers.

The game has a single player campaign, but the online player mode makes up the bulk of the game. There you can participate in standard dog fights or even engage in fleet fights. In that mode you try to push the enemy back and then destroy a transport ship. But of course the other party will try to stop you and push you back so that it can achieve the same goal.

If you buy it on Steam or PlayStation you even get Virtual Reality modes with the game. That’s not always a given, especially with PC games. And even better, VR isn’t a last-minute feature that adds nothing to the game; the whole game plays well in VR. Some people claim it gives you an advantage. Of course you can also play with the keyboard, the controller or the joysticks.

All in all, it’s a solid game at $ 40, and you don’t have to spend more on microtransactions to compete online. They just don’t exist. Even the latest update is free for all players. So with a 40% discount, there is no reason not to buy it.

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