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T-Mobile will share your information with advertisers unless you unsubscribe – Review Geek

The T-Mobile logo with dollar signs.

Starting April 26, a new privacy policy from T-Mobile will allow the company to share your web browsing and mobile app usage data with advertisers. New and existing customers who want to keep their data away from marketers must manually opt out of the program. This new privacy policy also applies to Sprint and Metro, which are owned by T-Mobile.

First reported by the Wall Street JournalT-Mobile̵

7;s new privacy policy allows the company to track your web browsing and mobile app usage to place you in an ad group (or as T-Mobile calls it, a “audience segment”). If you look up lots of health or exercise tips, for example, you could end up in the fitness category, which companies can use for targeted advertising.

“When we sell audience segments, we don’t sell information that directly identifies customers, such as name, address, or email address. Instead, audience segments are associated with mobile advertising IDs, which consist of a long string of numbers and letters. For example, this could say something like “2drdn43np2cMapen084 ″ is a sports fan.”

If you want to prevent T-Mobile from selling your data, go to My T-Mobile and open the “Account” tab. Then go to ‘Profile settings’, open ‘Privacy and notifications’ and click on ‘Advertising and analysis’. You should see everyone’s names on your phone plan. Click on one of the names and uncheck ‘use my data to make ads more relevant to me’.

If there are multiple people in your plan, you will need to go back and complete this process for each name on the “Advertising & Analytics” page. If you’re subscribed to Sprint or Metro, follow the unsubscribe steps at the bottom of our How-To Geek guide.

Of course, T-Mobile is not the only provider that collects and sells customer data. To opt out of “relevant ads” on Verizon or AT&T, please go to your My Verizon settings or AT&T privacy settings.

Source: T-Mobile via Wall Street Journal

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