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Take screenshots in Chrome and the Firefox Incognito tabs on Android

A Chrome Incognito tab on Android.

For privacy reasons, both Chrome and Firefox don’t let you take screenshots on incognito tabs on Android. However, both browsers allow you to override the restriction if you wish. Here’s how to enable and disable the option to take screenshots on the private tabs of these browsers.

Take screenshots on incognito tabs

The purpose of an incognito tab is to keep your browsing sessions private. If you or someone else can take a screenshot of these private tabs, your sessions will no longer be private, which defeats the purpose of incognito tabs.

However, there are times when you want to capture these incognito tabs. With both Chrome and Firefox, you can take screenshots of an incognito or private browser tab after enabling the option for it.

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Take screenshots in Chrome̵
7;s incognito tabs on Android

In Chrome, the option to take screenshots on incognito tabs is not in the settings menu, but in the flags menu. The flags menu has all of Chrome’s experimental features, and the one you’re about to enable is even more experimental.

However, that does not mean that the function crashes or does not work. In our experience, it worked fine.

Launch Chrome on your Android device to enable this option.

When Chrome starts, tap the address bar. Type in the following text and press ‘Enter’.


Open Chrome's flags menu

The Chrome flag screen opens. On this screen, tap the search box at the top and type “Incognito Screenshot” (without quotes).

You will see the ‘Incognito screenshot’ option in the search results. Tap the drop-down menu below this option and select ‘Enabled’ from it.

Note: If you ever want to disable this option after you enable it, choose “Disabled” from this menu.

You must now restart Chrome for the changes to take effect. Tap ‘Restart’ at the bottom right corner of your screen to close and reopen Chrome.

Restart Chrome

Chrome no longer restricts you from taking screenshots on your Incognito tabs.

Take screenshots in the private tabs of Firefox on Android

Unlike Chrome, Firefox offers this option on the normal settings screen.

To enable this option, first open Firefox on your Android device.

When Firefox opens, tap the menu (the three dots) in the top right corner of your screen and select ‘Settings’.

Open the Firefox settings

Scroll down in the settings and tap Private Browsing.

Private browsing settings in Firefox

Enable the option “Allow screenshots on private browsing”.

You can now take screenshots in Firefox’s private tabs.

If you ever want to remove this feature, please uncheck the “Enable Private Browsing Screenshots” option in the menu above.

Taking screenshots on Android used to be easy, but now you can take screenshots by tapping the back of your device. If you want to take a lot of screenshots, this can be a handy trick for you.

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