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Taming a horse in Minecraft

When you're on your own, exploring the world and far away from the little house you made for yourself in Minecraft there's no better comfort than a trusted horse by your side. Nothing says experienced adventurer like a seasoned horse companion. While you can jump on top of any horse you come across in the game, you have to tame a wild horse to access some unique actions and call it your own.

Here's our guide on how to tame a horse in Minecraft and how to use them on your adventures. to six. These are mostly flat, grassy areas with some scattered trees. There are a variety of colors – white, chestnut, black, gray, brown, and flax chestnut ̵

1; with a handful of different markings a horse can spawn with, and herds are likely to look alike. While it's not difficult to find a herd of horses in the world, you may have to hunt a bit to find a specific color if you prefer.

You can also find horses in stables in generated villages if you get up to steal one instead of finding one in the wild.

Taming a Horse

  A Player Riding a Horse in Minecraft

Taming a Horse is quite easy – you just have to climb the horse over and over until it likes you. You can mount a horse by pressing Use with an empty hand or holding an object that you could not use on a horse. On your first attempt, the horse will likely drop you off. But keep trying! Every time the horse buys you off, you turn on again. Eventually, a cloud of hearts will appear over the horse, indicating that it is tamed.

While not necessary, you can increase your chances of taming a horse by feeding it with sugar, apple, wheat or golden roots. Just hold the food in your hand and press Use to feed the horse. This will cost you food, but the horse will be a little easier to tame.

Using a tamed horse

  An armored horse in Minecraft

Now that you've tamed a horse, it's time to ride it. Find a saddle in a nearby village and equip it on your horse to ride it around the world. Horses can jump much higher and further than your character. Hold the jump button to charge a larger jump. A player can use any item while riding a horse.

You can also equip your horse with its own harness. You can make your own horse armor, find it in the game in certain chests, or buy it from a villager. You can't enchant the armor like you can, but you can dye it.

Be careful when you go on an adventure with your horse – that harness isn't just for show and can still be damaged by enemies. [19659018] Editor's recommendations

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