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The 17 Best Mobile Games to Play on the Toilet – Review Geek

  16 Fast Mobile Games To Play On The Toilet
Robtop Games, Two Games, Dinosaur Polo Club

Let Me Set The Scene For You: It's That Time of Day and you sit to do your business. You sit down to get the job done, take out your phone because you have time to kill, and … then what? You can endlessly browse Instagram, scroll Twitter or do something really exciting, like play a game. Toilet time has never been so much fun.

Mobile games are great for filling up the empty parts of your day, like when you're on the toilet or waiting for the bus (if you don't want to admit playing games on the toilet). I mean, you have nothing better to do, you might as well sneak up on a few levels.

Mobile games have evolved tremendously over the years ̵

1; there are some really substantial games available on our phones today. And while they are great, they require a lot of dedication. That's not great for our gaming sessions in the bathroom, so we looked for games that would allow you to quickly save or quit the game without major consequences.

We also avoided games with excessive microtransactions. Some of the games on this list have microtransactions (they're almost impossible to avoid in the mobile space), but we've made sure that the games we've selected don't pressure you to pay through gameplay.

In addition, low-stakes mobile game available on iOS and Android is a fair game, so let's get into it.

Puzzle Games

  Monument Valley 2
ustwo games

Puzzle games are a big part of the mobile gaming landscape, and they usually fall under the category of "pick up and play" which is great is for this list. So sit back, turn one on and get your brain working while you do business.

  • Monument Valley 1 (iOS / Android) and 2 (iOS / Android): These two puzzle games mess with your perspective from above to solve brain-bending puzzles. Add in some unique visuals and a simple yet endearing story, and you have two great puzzle games to work through.
  • Disney Emoji Blitz (iOS / Android): A simple match-three puzzle game with a Disney twist. In addition to solving standard puzzles, you can also complete missions and collect various Disney themed emojis.
  • Two Dots (iOS / Android): A unique puzzle game about connecting dots to break through obstacles. There are hundreds of levels to play through with some fun visuals, so this is one you'll return to often.
  • Wordscapes : (iOS / Android): A twist on classic crosswords and Scrabble, Wordscapes will put your vocabulary to the test.

Score Based Games

  Shooty Skies
Mighty Games

These games revive the arcade mentality of competing for high scores. Usually, score-based games have endless modes in which you play until you die or get bored, whichever comes first.

  • Ballz (iOS / Android): All you do in this game is bounce with ball blocks to break them and go through the endless stages. It is simple yet addictive.
  • Shooty Skies (iOS / Android): Like other arcade shooters, Shooty Skies you go through endless stages to shoot enemies for points. There are power-ups and even a few bosses to meet.

Strategy Games

  Mini Metro
Dinosaur Polo Club

While strategy games take a lot of critical thinking and decision making from your questions, they can find ways to make that less of a burden. After all, you probably don't want to control a nation as ruler from a ceramic throne, so these two games are a bit chiller.

  • Bloons TD 6 (iOS / Android): Bloons is a long-running series of tower defenses. You use different monkey classes to drop "Bloons" as they approach your base. There are many choices and even some competing online elements (but they are completely optional).
  • Mini Metro (iOS / Android): While on the surface, Mini Metro may not look like it with its minimalist images, but underneath those simple colored lines is a complicated one game about connecting metro lines.

Endless Runners


This is one of the most popular mobile game genres, and rightly so – there is something to be said about the addictive nature of a good endless runner. Endless runners even have a built-in timer of some sort where levels get faster and harder the longer you survive, to the point where only the most inhumanly good players have a chance to continue their runs. So that sounds like a good end point.

  • Subway Surfers (iOS / Android): One of the most popular mobile games of all time, in Subway Surfers you run on subways, tunnels and train tracks trying to escape from a police officer. While that may not sound interesting, there's a reason this game has caught the attention of hundreds of millions of players.
  • Sonic Dash (iOS / Android): Sonic Dash is quite similar to Subway Surfers, but contains everyone's favorite blue hedgehog. There are also some more Sonic-y elements in the endless running formula like loop-the-loops and boss encounters.
  • Crossy Roads (iOS / Android): Frogger is a classic arcade title, and now you can enjoy its spiritual successor forever. Crossy Roads contains many new obstacles to extend the simple car evasive gameplay.
  • Canabalt (iOS / Android): Escape a collapsing city in this 2D endless runner. Avoid simple obstacles with just one finger and enjoy the minimalist art style at the same time.

Side Scrollers

  Geometry Dash
Robtop Games

While most side scrollers require more active interaction on your part, there are a few mobile options that keep things simple. But simplicity doesn't stop them from having trouble, some of these games will get you mad, but that's fine – just try not to drop your phone.

  • Alto & # 39; s Adventure (iOS / Android) and Odyssey (iOS / Android): Both Alto games offer beautiful visuals and simple gameplay. Here you ski down snowy slopes and enjoy the view around you while listening to great music.
  • Mario Run (iOS / Android): Mario Run was Nintendo's heartfelt attempt to translate a standard Mario platform game into a mobile game that only needs one finger – and it certainly worked. While Mario Run is on the pricier side, the expert-level design that you'd expect from Nintendo makes up for it.
  • Geometry Dash (iOS / Android): There are a few different versions of Geometry Dash with more (and often more difficult) levels. However, this is the original set of levels. Playing them gives you a good idea if you like the comment-based platforming of the rest of the series. That doesn't mean there are no difficult levels available here, and they can certainly make you flinch because you could have sworn that you jumped in time to get over those peaks.

Now that you have these games, hopefully they can make your life a little more fun, because staring at your bathroom laminate floors is really boring.

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