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The 4 Best Roku TVs – Review Geek

Hisense H4 TV against a purple background

Roku is one of the simplest smart TV operating systems; its simple design makes access to all your favorite streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu as easy as possible. But with a Roku-powered TV, that goes a little deeper and simplifies things like configuring display settings and switching input channels. We̵

7;ve rounded up the best Roku TVs so you don’t have to.

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What to look for in a Roku TV

While Roku may be the biggest draw of these TVs, they also have to do well when it comes to basic TV features.

  • Resolution: This is one of the most noticeable differences when it comes to TV quality. As you climb the resolution ladder, prices go up as expected. But for the most part, TVs these days use 1080p or 4K resolution. 4K is superior and offers a much clearer picture than 1080p, but for smaller screens, 1080p can still look very sharp. 4K displays also typically have some form of HDR support, with the two forms of HDR on this list being HDR10 and Dolby Vision (with subtle differences between the two). We will list which forms of HDR each 4K TV supports, just know that HDR actually makes colors more accurate and generally improves the picture quality of the screen.
  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate specifies what frame rate TVs can display. For example, a 60 Hz screen can display 60 frames per second (or FPS). While most shows and movies are filmed in 24 FPS, video games and online content from sites like YouTube usually benefit from higher frame rates, so we’ll be sure to mention the refresh rate for each TV.
  • Screen size: The most popular size for TVs is 65 inches, and as such, that’s what most of the models on this list are. Still, it’s important to remember that even 65-inch models can take up a lot of space, so we’ve added a smaller TV, the Hisense H4, to the end of this list for those with limited space.
  • Display Type: LED, OLED, QLED and Mini-LED – while these may sound the same, they are extremely important in determining what a TV will look like in terms of color accuracy and clarity. OLED screens, for example, offer brighter colors and deeper black levels than LED screens, and mini LED screens are usually even more accurate in color. While LED is the standard display found on many inexpensive TVs, more expensive models feature these alternative panel types to bring a higher quality picture into your living room.

Best Overall: TCL 6 Series

TCL 6 series TV

If you’re looking for the highest quality TV on this list, the TCL 6 Series is it. Aside from having Roku built in, it’s just an outright good TV at a great price. The 4K, Mini-LED QLED panel looks fantastic, aided by HDR10 and Dolby Vision to make colors pop off the screen. And with four HDMI ports, you shouldn’t have any trouble connecting your favorite devices.

The TCL 6 series is a capable gaming display alsoIt supports refresh rates up to 120 Hz (only at 1440p, at 4K the maximum refresh rate supported is 60 Hz), and includes gaming-focused features to improve frame rates and latency. This TV is a great deal for the price and is what we recommend to anyone looking for a quality Roku TV.

A mid-range choice: TCL 5 Series

TCL series TV 5

While the 5 Series is a step back from the 6 Series, its much lower price point makes it an excellent middle ground option. Like the 6 series, this is a 4K TV with support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, along with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (the same rules apply, however, 120 Hz will not work at 4K). It even includes a gaming mode to lower latency, and you’ll find four HDMI ports on the back for connecting additional devices.

The main difference between the two is the rendering; the 5 series uses a standard QLED display instead of a mini LED QLED display like the 6 series. So while it won’t be able to match the 6 Series with a tee, the 5 Series still shows a great looking picture that, for the price, is hard to be disappointed by. The 5 Series is yet another fantastic value from TCL.

Budget choice: onn. Line

onn.  TV class

Down a bit along the totem pole, the onn. is an exclusive Walmart TV. And while it won’t win any awards for image quality, it’s fine enough for the money. It uses a DLED display (an alternative to standard LED displays which typically have a more even brightness across the entire image), output at 4K, supports HDR10 and displays at 60 Hz. You will also find three HDMI ports on the TV to connect additional devices.

While there is nothing here that really is the onn. Aside from many of its competitors, they’re a great option at this price, especially if you just want a TV that you can put in your guest room.

Small and simple: Hisense H4

Hisense H4 TV

If you’re looking for a cheap TV that won’t eat up an entire wall, the Hisense H4 is an excellent compromise. This relatively small screen (43 inches) gives an output of 1080p (except for the 32-inch model which only does 720p), has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and uses a standard LED screen. It’s nothing extravagant, but if you’re looking for a basic Roku TV, the H4 is just that. No high-end features or luxury add-ons, but a standard TV with a solid screen for the price.

Small and simple

Hisense H4 43-inch

A small and affordable screen without any nice features to get in the way.

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