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The $ 60 AtGames Legends Core Sticks 100 Retro Arcade Games on Your TV – Review Geek

The AtGames Legends Core box with 100 games.

If you want a replica of your favorite arcade in the house, you can expect to spend at least $ 300. But what if you just want to play a bunch of retro games? For $ 60, the AtGames Legends Core does the job. The puck connects to your TV and gives you 1

00 games. But you must bring a controller.

AtGames has already made a name for itself in the home arcade industry. It offers full size Arcades like the Legends Game Ultimate and stripped down controller decks like the Legends Game Mini. You get fantastic arcade controls and lots of games, but you still spend between $ 130 and $ 600.

The back of the Legends Core console, with an HDMI port, USB port and Ethernet.

The Legends Mini Core gives you exactly the things you need to play arcade and console games on your TV. It uses the same HDMI-compatible puck from the Legends Mini, but omits the arcade controller deck. Instead, you supply your own PC game controller with Bluetooth or USB. The puck has an HDMI port, a USB port, microUSB for power and ethernet in case you prefer a wired connection.

You may already have one (like a Bluetooth Xbox controller), and even if you don’t, you can get one for less than the $ 70 difference between the Mini Core and the Core. The games list isn’t terrible either. While you will find some that you are likely to skip, such as Shoot out and Football Kid, there are lots of great games like Fix-it Felix, Jr., Tetris, Space Invaders, Aladdin (Sega Genesis), and Gargoyles.

And you can add games to the Legends Core through AtGames’ Bring Your Own Game (BYOG) system. You can stream them locally from a PC or you can subscribe to the company’s cloud streaming service.

AtGames even offers two bundle deals for the new Legends Core. You can buy one and get half off, for a total of $ 90. Or buy one and get a three month discount on the AtGames Cloud BYOG service for $ 90.

The Legends Core is available from the AtGames site starting today.

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