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The Best Coffee Scale for a More Consistent Brew – Review Geek

  Artistically arranged coffee with beans and pourover
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To make great coffee at home, you need to be consistent ̵

1; whichever brewing method you use. There's no point in having a great cup of coffee in the morning and a terrible one the next.

The easiest way to get consistent with your coffee is to use scales and a stopwatch. If you always use the exact same amount of ground coffee and water and, depending on your brewing method, pour the water over the same period of time, you will have similar cups every day. It quickly becomes part of your morning routine.

Things to watch out for on a coffee scale

You probably already have a scale at home, but if it is not a special coffee scale, it is unlikely to be sensitive enough to make coffee. This is what you should pay attention to with a good coffee scale.

  • High Accuracy: Coffee beans are fairly light, so a good scale is accurate to within a tenth of a gram (about 3 / 100th of an ounce). If the scale is only accurate to half a gram, or worse, to the whole gram, you cannot consistently measure the same dose of coffee.
  • High precision: With scales, there is generally a compromise between the speed of the measurement and how accurate the measurement is. Good coffee scales are still fast, but they prioritize precision. If the measurement jumps around a lot while you add water, it's almost impossible to be consistent with your pour.
  • A digital readout: Analog scales are impossible to read accurately enough for brewing coffee. All good coffee scales have a responsive digital readout.
  • A built-in timer: Most specialty coffee scales have a built-in timer. It's very useful because you don't have to look at a stopwatch or clock to time your brews. While it is not an essential feature, we recommend purchasing a scale with a built-in timer whenever possible.
  • General Utility: We don't like to recommend bowls that can only be used for coffee. Instead, a good coffee scale should double as a good overall kitchen scale. It should be able to weigh to a few pounds accurately so you can use them for cooking, baking and other easy weighing tasks.

Now let's take a look at some scales that will do the job.

A Great Affordable Scale: Coffee Gator Coffee Scale with Timer

  Coffee Gator Scale
Coffee Gator

Coffee Gator Coffee Scale with Built-in Timer is a great coffee scale, although it ll ] also weigh everything else you want. At $ 20, it's one of the most affordable scales accurate to the tenth of a gram, so you can weigh small amounts of beans time and time again. However, it is not limited to small amounts; it stays accurate to 6.6 pounds, so you can easily weigh the ingredients for a hefty cake to go with your coffee.

For topping, the Aeropress and even a French press, it is a good idea to time how long it takes to make coffee. You can use the stopwatch on your phone, but it is less convenient to look between different screens. That's where the built-in timer on the scale comes in handy. Once you pour the water into your brewer, you can start the timer and follow things perfectly.

A great affordable scale

The best coffee scale: Hario V60 coffee infusion scale and timer

] Hario V60 coffee infusion scale and timer

Hario, the Japanese manufacturer responsible is for the V60 coffee brewer is one of the most important coffee makers. It's no surprise that his special overflow coffee scale and timer is one of the best out there.

The V60 scale is accurate to one-tenth of a gram. Better yet, the scale is remarkably accurate: the weight doesn't jump around too much as you pour water into your brewer, so you're unlikely to shoot too far.

The V60 also has a great minimalist style. You can leave it ready to use on your counter and it will look great. This is the scale I use at home and it was great.

The Best Coffee Scale

A Small Option for Traveling: American Scale Sheet

  American Scale
American Scale

If You To Make Great Coffee On The Go, You Need A Small Scale That Comes In Each Bag (or even in your pocket). The U.S. scale blade measuring just 3.8 inches by 3.8 inches by 0.8 inches is perfect for the job – and still accurate to a tenth of a gram.

The Blade uses a smart pop-out LCD screen to keep it as compact. It also comes with a lid that doubles as a scale to protect the scale from pops and scratches.

If you're putting together a coffee set for on the go, this is the scale for you.

Best coffee scales for travel [19659032] A smart scale for tracking your brews: Acaia Pearl

  acaia pearl weighers

It seems that every household appliance has a smart version and coffee scales available are no exception. The Acaia Pearl is a high-end coffee scale with built-in timer. Like the other scales, it is accurate to the tenth of a gram. Unlike the other scales on this list, it has Bluetooth.

You can use the Pearl as a regular, high-precision (if expensive) coffee scale, and it works perfectly. However, it is the Bluetooth connectivity that sets it apart. You can connect your Pearl to your smartphone and use Acaia's range of apps to enhance your brewing. For example, the Brewguide app has brewing recipes for different coffees, and you can upload and share your own coffee. The Brewmaster app records information from your brews, such as the coffee-to-water ratio, flow rate and brewing time, so you can repeat them exactly – or see where you've deviated.

If you're just going to use the Pearl as a coffee scale, it's not worth the cost. The Hario V60 is a third of the price and just as good. If the idea of ​​logging every cup of coffee appeals to you, then Acaia's apps may be enough reason to upgrade.

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