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The best food toppers for your dog

Examples of dog food toppers from different companies.
Beaumont Basics / VetriScience / Zesty Paws

You love your dog and of course you want to make sure it eats as healthy as possible. Whether they are a picky eater or you want to add more nutrients to their diet, these food toppers add extra flavor and nutrition to their kibble to achieve that goal.

If you̵

7;ve never heard of food toppers, you might be a little curious. However, the premise is pretty simple. Toppers are a simple way to introduce a little something extra into your dog’s diet, as you add that extra bit of goodness right into the bowl of kibble they are already used to eating. Why you might want to do that varies, but some of the common reasons people use food toppers for their dog include:

  • Encourage older dogs or picky eaters to eat more (and add calories so they get more out of the food they eat).
  • Adding vitamins or nutrients that may not be in adequate amounts in the dog’s regular food.
  • To support specific health outcomes, such as increasing fiber intake for healthy digestion or fatty acids for joint and skin health.

So whether you’re trying to get your white old man to eat more or boost your rambunctious younger dog’s fiber intake to avoid expensive trips to the vet for glandular expression, there are toppers for just about any situation!

Meal mixers

two red bags of dog food toppers
Stella & Chewy’s

This freeze-dried mix contains real meat, fruits and vegetables. They are completely natural, minimally processed and contain no added hormones. Choose from eight different protein sources to find the one your dog loves the most, or change it to give even more variety to his food.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Toppers

box of food topper variety pack
Blue buffalo

Each pack of Wilderness Trail Toppers contains a mix of meat and gravy for a delicious chunks of topping. If you’ve ever softened kibble with a little broth or warm water for an elderly or post-operative dog recovering, you’ll be familiar with the consistency of this topper. It’s flavorful and a treat that will tempt even the pickiest of eaters. Plus, you get real meat as a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Beaumont Basics Kibble Herbs

three containers of herbs for dog food
Beaumont Basics

This kibble spice is a fine powder that can be sprinkled over anything. It’s made with real food ingredients and adds a touch of flavor to any bowl of dog food. Its texture can be easily added to dry kibble, fresh food, and everything in between.

Wellness Bowl Boosters

two bags of moist dog food toppers
Wellness natural pet food

If you have an older dog with a sensitive mouth, these moist bites are a gentle way to add some extra nutrition to their food. They can also be used as treats to reward your fur baby for doing tricks, acting well, or just being cute. They contain only quality ingredients and are available in four different flavors.

Bone broth powder

white container of bone broth powder
Pet MD

This bone broth powder is made with two ingredients: moose bone and antlers. It is rich in collagen, calcium and amino acids that support your pup’s gut and joint health. It is a great supplement for older dogs and breeds prone to joint problems.

Tooth powder

container with dental powder for dogs

Help your dog keep his mouth healthy by sprinkling this tooth powder over his food. It has been shown to reduce plaque by 20% and tartar by 18% in less than a month. This is a useful way to supplement their normal oral health routine.

Best option for dental health

Salmon oil

front and rear view of salmon oil pump container
Zesty Paws

Salmon oil is full of omega fatty acids that support joint, heart and immune health. It also helps keep the skin hydrated and the coat soft and silky. One bottle goes a long way, so get the smaller option if you have a smaller dog.

Gut Health Food Topper

two bags of dog food mixers

Support your dog’s gut health with this freeze-dried food topper. It is packed with ingredients such as sweet potato, pumpkin and apple cider vinegar that help keep your fur baby healthy. It also has added probiotics to keep their gut and immune system healthy.

Beef liver sprinkles

three cups of beef liver sprinkles
Crumps’ Naturals

Beef liver is packed with nutrients that will keep your dog healthy and happy. This beef liver sprinkles are a good source of vitamin A, zinc, iron, copper, niacin and phosphorus. Raw beef liver is messy and hard to come by, so this is a convenient way to add those vitamins and minerals to their diet.

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