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The best recipe delivery services in 2020: Amazon, CVS, PillPack, and more


Many large pharmacies have home delivery services that often cost no more than what you already pay for your medicine.

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Avoid shops and get your supplies delivered to your door is not only useful, it is also badly needed Covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, you can actually get anything you want without entering a store – including you regulations.

Prescription delivery services can be a game changer if you are unable to go the standard pharmacy route to refill your prescription. Of course it is very important to find a way to deliver your prescribed medication if you are homesickness and don’t want to spread germs, but there are so many other reasons a patient may want to have their medication delivered straight to the door.

Seniors may have a hard time getting to the pharmacy. Women may not have time to pick up their birth control every month. It can be easy to get disorganized and fall behind on topping up maintenance medications. A drug delivery helps in all of these situations and more.

Below is a rundown of the best services you can try (although not formally tested by CNET), as well as pharmacies that currently offer delivery.


Amazon Pharmacy is a new online pharmacy offering prescription refills and free delivery for Amazon Prime members. Amazon takes out your health insurance to pay for your medications, and also offers a prescription savings benefit if you’re not on health insurance. With Amazon Pharmacy, customers can compare prescription costs for their medications against insurance co-payments, without insurance and the Prime Discount, so they can find the least expensive option.


PillPack is a drug delivery service owned and operated by Amazon that offers free delivery and covers most types of health insurance policies. PillPack accepts most forms of Medicare and Medicaid programs in New Hampshire, Ohio, and Texas, and several specific plans across the country. The service doesn’t cost more than what you pay for medication, which is a great deal considering the added benefits you get over a standard pharmacy service.

Once you’ve set up your prescriptions to be filled through PillPack, simply pay the copay for your medication and your medications will be shipped to you every month.

In addition to offering free delivery, those added benefits include organizing and separating your medications for each day. Each day’s pills come in a convenient one-serving package and the time to take them is even written on the front cover. This is a huge benefit if you take a lot of drugs and spend time figuring them out, as well as having a hard time remembering what time to take your pills. I

If you are a carer for someone else, this can also save a lot of time. Another thing you can do is add supplements, such as a multivitamin or probiotic, to your packs so that everything you need is in one place.


CVS Pharmacy offers one to two day delivery and same day delivery (on request) in most cities. Same-day delivery is usually done within hours, which is great if you need your medications as soon as possible.

CVS does charge a delivery fee for prescriptions, but some health insurance plans can cover the fee, including Medicare Part DU can also order other essentials, such as tissues or coughs, to your prescription and these will be delivered at no additional cost. When you join the CVS membership program CarePass for $ 5 per month, you get free delivery for your prescriptions, plus free one to two day delivery for other items.

It’s important to remember that ordering items through CVS.com is not the same service as prescription delivery, so it will take a few days or more to ship. If you use Target’s pharmacy service, CVS Pharmacy at Target, you can also get one to two days home delivery for free as Target partners with CVS to meet your prescriptions.


Capsule is only available in New York City, but since New York is one of the cities hardest hit with COVID-19, it’s especially important that New Yorkers stick to delivery services at this point. Capsule offers free same-day delivery, and the service costs no more than what you already pay for your medications. You can have your medicines delivered to you within 2 hours, anywhere in the city.

If you are currently set to use a different pharmacy and want to switch to Capsule, the pharmacists can transfer everything on the same day, so you get your medicines when you need them.


NowRX is only available in Northern California and Orange County. NowRX uses technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced software and logistics to speed up delivery time. Delivery is free and you can get your medicine the same day if you order it before 5 p.m. Better yet, delivery drivers will bring your medicine to your door in an eco-friendly car to offset the environmental impact of additional cars on the away.

Now RX has an app to make the entire ordering, delivery and refilling process even easier. They also offer a referral program where you get Visa gift cards for every friend you refer who signs up. There is no cost to use NowRx – most major insurance policies are accepted (except Kaiser and Medicaid) and your regular copay will cover all costs.

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AllianceRx is Walgreens’ combined specialty and home delivery pharmacy. For non-special medications, you can deliver the next day for free with Walgreens Express. AllianceRx is what you would ask if you have any chronic health conditions or special medications that you know you need to fill in the near future. Walgreens Express is your best choice for individual or one-off recipes you need now.

With AllianceRx you can have your recipes filled for up to 90 days, plus automatic refill. Since it can cover up to three months of medication, delivery takes about 10 days as it is delivered free of charge by regular mail.

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Walmart Pharmacy offers free standard prescription shipping, but you will have to wait about 5-7 days for your medications. If you need your medications faster, you can pay an additional $ 8 for second day delivery or $ 15 for overnight delivery. Walmart has an app to make recipe management and refill process easier and more efficient.

Walmart Pharmacy accepts most forms of major insurance, as does Medicare.


ZipDrug is a home delivery service designed for Medicaid insurance holders. ZipDrug’s goal is to provide Medicaid members with more affordable medications and improve the rates they follow when taking their prescription medications by offering a simpler service alternative to regular pharmacies.

According to ZipDrug, offering free home delivery and better service increases the likelihood of patients taking their medications as prescribed. They also partner with pharmacies to reward them for making sure patients continue to take their medications.

The company also partners with independent pharmacies over large chain pharmacies to help improve customer service. ZipDrug’s delivery service is free and there is no charge for Medicaid holders to use the service. On the downside, it is currently only available in 24 states.

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The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health care practitioner if you have any questions about a medical condition or health goals.

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