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The best services and software for your 2019 taxes – Review Geek

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The tax season is imminent in the United States. And unless you happen to be a CPA, you're probably looking for some help with your federal and national archives. You can always take it to a special tax office, but because of your wallet (isn't that the whole point?), You can easily do it yourself.

You can do this with tax software either online or downloaded to your computer. Here we have completed the best options for standard users, intermediate users (those who have to make a few deductions) and advanced users (those who have to deal with multiple sources of income, small businesses and a lot of depreciation)

The best free option: IRS free file

The tax preparers do not want you to know, but it is quite possible to file your own taxes for free ̵

1; even with third-party software. In fact, it is probably the best option if you are reasonably certain that you do not owe any additional taxes or expect a refund for deductions. If your gross income is less than $ 69,000 (lower for some services), you can use one of 10 commercial services to file a federal declaration for free, including TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxAct .

There are a few more restrictions based on age and your location, which you can see on the IRS site. Click the "Lookup Tool" button if you are not sure which software you are eligible for.

  Free options for IRS Free File.

Among these free options we recommend TurboTax. The guided interface is "idiot-proof", with a step-by-step through for each part of the federal and national archiving. Unfortunately, the requirement is stricter, with an income limit of $ 36,000 (or $ 69,000 for active soldiers).

Please note that these free services do not offer all the trimmings of the paid options – they have won & # 39; t you through every possible deduction that you can make. That is why we recommend them if you are reasonably certain that you do not need anything beyond a standard archive. If you owed or received almost nothing last year, and your work or living situation has not changed, this is the best choice.

The best option for intermediate filers: CreditKarma


If you submit with a standard W-2 and don't need much in terms of deductions or other earnings reports, the free tax app from CreditKarma is the best choice. It includes all standard federal e-file functions, plus support for all state income tax systems except Montana and Wisconsin. (At the time of writing, Credit Karma says that state submission for missing areas should be available soon.)

If you have a few additional deductions or sources of income, CreditKarma can handle most of them with the free tool. This includes the most common 1099 forms for "gig" tasks, such as freelance work or driving a Uber or Lyft car. The tax office has no paid layer and works on the internet or from the CreditKarma app on Android and iOS.

The only disadvantage compared to the other free options mentioned is that you have to open an account with CreditKarma so that they can access your financial information in order to use it. However, we are talking about tax software here. It is also worth noting that the service can be a little more confusing than some of the other (paid) services, such as H&R Block or TaxAct. CreditKarma still delivers you where you need to be in the cheapest way, but be prepared to spend a little more time on your taxes.

The best option for advanced and small businesses: TaxAct [19659018] The price levels for TaxAct. "width =" 1438 "height =" 467 "data-credittext =" Blucora "src =" / pagespeed_static / 1.JiBnMqyl6S.gif "onload =" pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); "onerror =" this.onerror = null; pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); "/>

TaxAct is the choice for those who know about taxes and have a more complex return to the file. It is a popular choice for its economic options (the paid version starts at just $ 30 for a federal return), but more advanced versions of the tool include additional help for stocks, gains and losses, freelance earnings, depreciation, and more. At $ 40 level, you get access to support on your computer, including sharing live screens, which becomes very useful if you get stuck and Google doesn't help.

TaxAct is available in online and downloadable forms (only Windows for the more advanced editions), but support for the mobile app is limited to the basic software. E-file is supported for federal returns and personal income in all states.

The best all-in-one option for federal and national archiving: H&R Block

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H&R Block

H&R Block is not as easy to use as TurboTax, but it is an excellent solution if you are looking for your federal and national tax software from the same location. H&R Block offers state editions and e-file options for all states that have income tax, plus a few gray areas such as New Hampshire and Tennessee. For 2019, it is a fixed amount of $ 37 to add state taxes on top of one of the regular editions (ranging from $ 30 to 80, if you are not eligible for free submission).

H&R Block does well to make adding your information as seamless as possible, and it even works with services such as ADP to automatically import your income data. Just like most other services, H&R Block also offers a "maximum refund guarantee", so that you know that you will receive your maximum refund.

H&R Block offers an online tool, downloads for Windows and macOS (for more advanced versions), and apps on Android and iOS.

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