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The best weapons in Valheim, and how to get them

You have to fight for everything you deserve ValheimYou start with next to nothing and are expected to work your way up the challenge of defeating monsters more than double your size, when even a cold night can kill you. In those early hours, you string together basic pieces of wood and stone to make all the rough tools and weapons you can craft. But after you overcome that initial bump, a wide selection of weapons will open up for you.

There are different types of weapons – such as axes, swords and bows – but they are far from equal in strength. The best of the best are special weapons with their own unique names and abilities, but that kind of power isn̵

7;t just given to you. This will cost you some of the rarest materials you can find Valheim but are the only ones worthy of a true Viking. Here are the best weapons you can get in the game and what materials you will need to make them.

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Abyssal harpoon

Valheim Abyssal Harpoon

What we consider to be the best weapon in all Valheim is also the only harpoon the game has to offer, at least for the moment. It’s a one-handed weapon that you throw at your target and then pull it towards yourself, almost like a particular ax from another Norwegian-inspired game. This is perfect for hunting any creature that has a tendency to run away, dragging sea creatures out of the water to die on dry land, or working on your Scorpion print of Mortal KombatIt’s not the strongest weapon in terms of sheer damage, but we generally like it the best for its range, usability, and how much fun it is to harpoon and drag something around. It also pairs great with a stronger melee weapon if you use it to bring in a target and then switch.

Making the Abyssal harpoon takes 30 pieces of chitin, eight fine wood and three leather scraps. Chitin is collected by mining abyssal barnacles in the ocean near islands.


The Frostner ax is actually the most Viking weapon in the entire game. It is classified as an ax, but is as big and thick as a hammer. It does a fair amount of blunt damage, but the actual use of this weapon also deals frost and ghost damage, causing a lot of recoil on any enemy unlucky enough to get hit by it. Between the damage from the first hit, the frost that deals damage over time, and the shakiness it causes, there are very few enemies that can withstand Frostner’s power. What’s the downside? This bad boy is considered the most expensive weapon to craft in the entire game, but as an end game goal, it’s worth all the time to get your hands on.

Frostner requires 30 silver, five Ymir Flesh, 10 old bark and five freeze glands. Ymir Flesh must be purchased from the Black Forest merchant Haldor, while freeze glands and silver must be collected in a mountain biome.

Abyssal razor

Valheim Abyssal Razor

The other Abyssal weapon may seem like a step back because it’s just a blade, but the razor is much more powerful than you’d expect. Yes, the normal damage doesn’t seem to be worth much even when you consider how quickly knives attack, but this knife is ideal for all the stealth players out there. If you can sneak up on an enemy and hit him with a backstab, the Abyssal razor will do 10 times the damage. If you combine it with armor that boosts your stealth, you can become more of a Viking assassin than Eivior’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Abyssal razor is also one of the cheaper guns on this list. You need 20 chitin, four fine woods and two leather scraps.

The porcupine

OK, so this weapon doesn’t have the most intimidating name of all time, but the Porcupine lets its stats speak. This huge spiked ball on a stick deals both blunt and penetrating damage and is remarkably quick to swing for its size. Between the two types of damage, it’s one of the top weapons in the game, already based on raw numbers, but also because it’s one-handed and cheap, the game gets almost too easy if you go for it early. Unless an enemy is in range, there is no problem that the Porcupine cannot deal with.

If you want your own, gather 20 iron, five fine wood, 10 linen thread, and five needles. Needles can be harvested from Deathsquitos in a regular biome, and linen is made by using flax on a spinning wheel.

Draugr Fang

Valheim Draugr Fang

For all of your archers out there, or if you just like having a strong range option to fight with, there is no competition when it comes to which bow is the strongest in ValheimThe Draugr Fang has massive piercing damage, but the unique effect is that this bow makes something that even strictly melee-focused characters should consider tackling. It doesn’t matter what kind of arrow you have equipped with this bow, it will automatically deal poison damage. You don’t need to make special poison arrows! It’s also very accurate, so a skilled archer can do a lot of work with this bow before the enemy has a chance to get close.

Making this top level bow will be expensive. You will need 10 silver, 10 guck, 10 old bark and two deer skins. Located in swamp trees, guck is the green blob you see on the side of trees.


Okay, now we’re talking two-handed heavy weapons. If you just want to go crazy and crush things for the utmost damage, get a Stagbreaker. This gigantic blunt weapon has only one major drawback, which is its long attack and recovery speeds. Granted, when your swing connects it usually doesn’t matter, especially with the insane recoil force and splash damage that this massive hammer shoots out. Few things are so satisfying Valheim like slamming your Stagbreaker while being harassed by enemies and clearing them all out in just a few hits.

You can also make a Stagbreaker quite easily. All you need are 20 heartwoods, five deer trophies and two leather scraps.

Huntsman bowed

Aside from the weapons mentioned, most of which can’t be crafted until much later in the game, there are some good options to hold on to until you reach that point in the game. The Huntsman Bow, for example, is much easier to make than the Draugr Fang and can hold its own for a long time if you keep upgrading it. There is not much else to say, other than that this is the best non-unique arc in the game.

A hunter’s bow costs 20 iron, 10 fine wood, 10 feathers, and two precious hides to make.

Silver sword

Valheim silver sword

There are no unique swords in the game yet, but the best we’ve found if you love the traditional sword is a nice silver sword. It has a high damage stat, which you could probably have guessed, but what puts it above the rest of the mid- to late-game swords is the extra spiritual damage it deals. That, plus being relatively cheap to make, makes it the obvious choice for your trusty knife.

Make a silver sword by joining 40 silver pieces, five iron pieces, three pieces of leather, and two pieces of wood. Again, silver can be mined in the mountain biome.

Black metal ax

Valheim Blackmetal Ax

Our last pick is another low-cost option to help you until you get your hands on a unique weapon, this time the black metal ax. Like the silver sword, this weapon is almost at the level of a unique weapon, but falls short for one major reason. It obviously doesn’t have a unique name, but what this ax lacks is any kind of defense. This weapon has no parry power, so it does not provide any protection. Luckily it’s one-handed and has insane cutting damage, but taking this ax into battle means you to have to have a shield if you hope to survive more than a few encounters. But if you enjoy dealing with high DPS, you can do a lot worse than this.

Forge a black metal ax with 20 black metal rods, five linen wire and six fine woods. Black metal rods are forged in a blast furnace from black metal scrap that falls from any form of Fuling found in the plains biome.

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