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The best web pages and web applications for using exactly one hour of free time

Photo: Matthew Reyes (Gizmodo)

It's lunchtime – or maybe it's just a break you take from the world. Anyway, you have an hour to save, and it may mean that you go and run except it, or it may mean you are talking on the desk while clicking on the Internet (employer's IT policy allows). If you're looking for inspiration for your next 60-minute non-working web surfing, here are some of the best educational, entertaining, or incredibly weird options we know.


Screenshot: Gizmodo

Certainly you can't imagine the idea of ​​spending your lunchtime on a collection of Street View images is all that appealing, but a few minutes with the amazing MapCrunch will change your mind -Scoot around the world manually one place at a time, or transport you to a random place with one click (you can limit your jump to some countries if you want).


Screenshot: Gizmodo

Do something educational and productive with your lunch break by learning a new word, or a hundred new words, every day – you can either get the site to suggest words or you can enter the word definitions you want to commemorate. The actual doctrine is done through a series of simple games where you have to match the right words in a sentence or choose the right image for a word, or specify its meaning.

Internet Archive

Screenshot: Gizmodo

If today's internet doesn't really do it for you, then you will get some useful background information on the word, including where it comes from. , dive into the web of the past, licensed by the Internet Archive. In addition to hosting archives of older websites (check out early Gizmodo), the site also offers large libraries of books, videos, images, software and audio clips that you can access for free.

Line Rider

Screenshot: Gizmodo

More addictive than you might think, Line Rides makes you draw a simple line -A line that the eponymous rider then shoots down. Your challenge is to construct a track that will keep your skaters going for as long as possible, and if you are something like us, you will continue to come back to try to beat your past efforts as you find out what works and what doesn't make & # 39; t. The web app is easy to use, fast and responsive in any browser you want, and lets you share your creations with your colleagues too … if you want.


Screenshot: Gizmodo

Plug in some headphones and let LibriVox transport you to other worlds: On the site there is a massive amount of older, copyright-free literature converted to audio book form by volunteers, which means you can enjoy some Thomas Hardy or some Mark Twain from the comfort of your desk. You won't find the latest bestsellers to download for free, but you may be surprised at the amount of content offered here, including fiction, classics, poetry, dramatic works, autobiographies, and more.

Quick Draw [19659019] Screenshot: Gizmodo

Thank you, Google, for this wonderfully bizarre web-and-AI experiment that challenges you to draw something enough for its neuron engines to recognize it, before the timer expires – we must draw everything from an umbrella to the Chinese wall of our time with the app. What is most fun is to look at the artificial intelligence behind the site, try and train what you sketch when you actually outline it. You don't have to be an artistic genius to get a lot of fun out of this, but a touch screen charger definitely helps.


Screenshot: Gizmodo

A site like some of you will have encountered before, but worth mentioning to those who have not yet discovered it (or have forgotten it): HowStuffWorks is packed with educational information about how almost everything in this world works, from where your pets work as they do, to the finest points of rocket science. We like the random content jumping button, which will get you through several lunchtimes, as well as the articles that pepper the place and are always entertaining reading -10 weird exhibits in the Smithsonian, anyone?


Screenshot: Gizmodo

In these troubled times of fake news, trust Snopes to give you facts behind the headlines – and to debunk the urban myths and ridiculous chain messages, your relatives are pasted as their Facebook status . Even if you don't want to check on a particular story or fact, Snope's website is well worth uploading in your lunchtime: Lots of engaging content is pushed to the front every day and covers politics, science, culture, sports and everything else in the news.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Screenshot: Gizmodo

Travel to the stars from your humble office table with the NASA astronomy image of the day. It is a selected image from NASA's image library, accompanied by some commentary series written by a professional astronomer. The text will teach you something you probably did not know, and the picture will remind you of what insignificant speck you are in the larger universe. If you want more of the same for the rest of your lunch break, upload the most important NASA image and video library and click away to your heart.

Feeling Unlucky

Screenshot: Gizmodo

If you want to spend your lunchtime around the darker corners of the internet, Feeling Unlucky can help. It is a game on the "I know the Lucky" button on Google that gives the best results right away, only in this case you get the last result – or at least one more page in the list. Whether you are interested in a particular celebrity, TV show or news article, this site shows the results that no one else clicks on, and it helps you find pages that you would otherwise never have seen.

Choose your story

Screenshot: Gizmodo

Although Select your story does not necessarily make much of its design and user interface, it is perfect for diving into an alternative reality for some or your entire lunch break – It is a collection of choosing your own adventure stories, and you have a lot of them to choose from. All stories are sent by the users, so the quality can vary, but you can easily jump to the highest ranked and choose only one story game randomly.


Screenshot: Gizmodo

We have already mentioned MapCrunch, which is one of the best ways to tour the world from yours. If you really get the error, create your own adventure and see what others think about it. desk, and here is another. EarthCam is one of the best collections of webcams out there, and unlike many webcams, most cameras are actually in operation. Check out beaches, landmarks, zoos, ski slopes and much more without leaving your browser. It is up to you where in the world you go, and you can either search for specific places or click on the popular places that EarthCam highlights.

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