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The best winter flu kit Essentials – Everything you need to feel better, faster «The Hookup :: Gadget hacks

Congratulations, you are deep in the flu season! If you read this, you are either a very smart preventive disease day planner, or you are already fighting a cold or flu.

Anyway, welcome, keep sipping on that hot toddy, we & # 39; have a few tips that can help you navigate winter sickness in the right way.

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First a few disclaimers. This is in no way medical advice. If you are looking for it, we advise you to contact your doctor if you have serious concerns. Secondly, this has nothing to do with international virus epidemics that may be in the news, so if that's what you came for, you might be disappointed (for information on these issues, look here). For our purposes, we only cover some well-known best practices to make you a little more comfortable when dealing with a cold or flu.

Hand Sanitizer

If you don't know that now, it's a good idea to wash your hands regularly with soap during the flu season, well, you just didn't pay attention. It is by far one of the best ways to prevent you from touching surfaces affected by germs and then transferring a potential virus to your face and getting infected.

Image by Purell / YouTube

Do you think this does not apply to you? Well, some studies estimate that the average person touches his face at least 23 times per hour.

However, if you are so in love with yourself that you cannot resist touching your face, you can at least cut back some of the risks of picking up or transferring germs with a hand sanitizer. We think Purell works very well.

Image by Purell / Amazon

You can store dozens of small Purell wipes in your backpack, or car after you get the 120 -delivery box of Purell Cottony Soft Hand Sanitizing Wipes, which you can buy now for $ 23.92. And if you're looking for something to place in your bedroom, kitchen or office, you can purchase a four-pack Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Soothing Gel, available from $ 26.17 per box.

Smart thermometer

Of course you can just take an old-fashioned thermometer, but you are a techie, so you only want the best. Therefore, the Kinsa Smart Ear Digital Thermometer, available for to buy now for $ 39.99, is probably more your speed when it comes to determining if you or your family member have a fever. This is a particularly good choice because it works for both adults and children.

Image via Kinsa

The accompanying free Kinsa app is available for iOS and Android and gives advice on which steps you must take based on your temperature measurement. However, the thermometer still works even if you do not have a smartphone or decide not to use the app. Simply press the Kinsa Smart Ear digital thermometer on your ear as shown in the instructions and you will get a measurement without having to put an old-fashioned thermometer in your mouth.

Smart humidifier

One of the biggest challenges when you are to get the flu under control and eventually get rid of chest congestion. In addition to medication and drinking as much fluid as you can, one of the best tools you can use in this crucial part of the battle is a humidifier.

Electric blanket

Depending on where you live, the flu can be accompanied by freezing temperatures lurking just outside your door and window. If that is the case, you may need some help when it comes to staying warm. That's where the MaxKare electric blanket, available for now available for just $ 52.99, comes in handy.

Image via MaxKare

The comfortable flannel blanket, supplied in blue and brown, is easy on the skin and measures 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. The blanket, which uses a small display attached to a 20-foot cord, allows you to set the blanket to three different heating levels and has an automatic shut-off function after eight hours of use.

Image via MaxKare

Those are just some of the basic principles, but really, the tools for getting flu are early, preventive trip to your doctor and good hygiene (wash your hands often). Apart from that, the above should make your flu a little more bearable.

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