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The Best Wireless Chargers – Review Geek

CHOETECH wireless charger on a table with a phone in the dock

Wireless charging may seem like an unnecessary add-on to many users, but once you get used to how convenient it is, it̵

7;s hard to go back. That said, not all wireless chargers are created equal, making some better than others for specific uses. We’ve found the best chargers on the market for every person on your shopping list to save you the hassle.

What to look for in a wireless charger

While wireless chargers are fairly straightforward products, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best one.

  • Design: Wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes, but the two main design styles are docks and pads. Docks are usually designed specifically for phones and keep them upright – either horizontally or vertically – so they can still be easily viewed. Meanwhile, pads offer more freedom in placing your devices and may even be able to support certain devices that a dock would have trouble with (like true wireless earbuds).
  • Speed: Certain phones charge wirelessly at different speeds, for example, most iPhones can charge up to 7.5W (except the new iPhone 12). We will certainly explain how each charger performs quickly.
  • Qi certified: Most phone manufacturers recommend using only Qi certified wireless chargers to ensure the best performance. That is why we have only selected chargers that are Qi-certified for this list.
  • Case Friendly: You don’t want to take out your case every night just to charge your phone, and you’ll find that every charger on this list can provide power through a case. It’s important to note, however, that particularly thick or metal cases can block the charging of even the best wireless chargers. Accessories attached to the outside of the case can also interfere with wireless charging.

Best Overall: CHOETECH 15W Wireless Charger

CHOETE 15W wireless charger

This charger from CHOETECH is quite simple. It features 15W fast charging for various Samsung and LG phones, 11W charging for the Google Pixel 4, 7.5W charging for iOS devices, and up to 5W charging for other Qi-enabled devices. This is simply a great all-round charging station that does everything most people need.

Best Overall

Flippable: Belkin F7U083ttBLK Wireless Charging Stand

Belkin F7U083ttBLK Wireless Charging Stand

If you prefer a charging stand that offers a bit more freedom in the orientation of the phone, this model from Belkin allows any Qi-enabled phone to be placed horizontally or vertically and still charge. It is optimized to charge Samsung devices at 9 W, for Apple 7.5 W and for everything else 5 W. It is also available in black or white.


Double charging: CHOETECH dual wireless charger

CHOETECH dual wireless charger

To charge multiple Qi devices at the same time, this charger from CHOETECH makes it quite easy. It includes five charging coils, so you can put two phones or other Qi devices (like the AirPods Pro) almost anywhere without having to search for the perfect spot.

You can expect 10W charging for Android devices, 7.5W for Apple, 5W for all other Qi phones and 2.5W for smaller devices such as wireless earbuds. The charger is also available in black or white.

CHOETECH dual wireless charger

For all-out Apple users: Logitech Powered 3-in-1 charging dock

Logitech Powered 3-in-1 charging dock

If you know someone who really loves Apple products, chances are this charging dock from Logitech is an excellent idea for them. It features a charging pad for phones or AirPods, a standard phone dock, and a space for the Apple Watch. The dock is optimized for fast charging of all three devices, including 7.5W charging for the iPhone. The dock and pad are also compatible with non-Apple phones and can charge up to 10W on select models.

For all-out Apple users

Another option for Apple users: Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad

Satechi Trio wireless charging pad

While the Logitech dock is great, some may prefer a more standard charging pad – which is exactly what you get with Satechi’s Trio charger. Like the Logitech dock, this is primarily designed around Apple devices and has designated spots for an iPhone, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch. It can charge an iPhone at 7.5W at full speed and also supports non-Apple smartphones and other true wireless earbuds as long as they are Qi compatible.

Another option for Apple users

For Pixel users: Pixel Stand

Pixel standard

The Pixel Stand may seem abnormally expensive at first glance, but it does include some useful features just for Pixel users. However, we don’t recommend buying it for someone who isn’t using a Pixel phone. This charger will of course charge the Pixel phones at their full 10W speed, but more importantly, placing a Pixel phone on this charger turns the phone into a kind of mini smart hub.

You have constant access to Google Assistant and can watch music players and video streams from the Nest Hello doorbell with ease; you can even automatically scroll through a photo gallery. It’s not great, but having access to all these things on your nightstand can certainly come in handy.

For PopSocket fans: PopSockets PopPower Home

PopSockets PopPower Home

Many like PopSockets for making it more comfortable to hold their phone, but wirelessly charging a phone with a PopSocket attached can be difficult (if not impossible). Fortunately, PopSockets has a solution: the PopPower Home. This charger has a notch in the middle so that the phone can still charge with a PopSocket attached. There are some restrictions on what types of PopSockets work with it and how they should be placed, but you can find all that information on the PopPower landing page.

In addition, the PopPower Home works with any Qi device and charges up to 15W, depending on the phone.

PopSockets PopPower Home

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