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The easiest way to send a package to the post office is also to skip the line


Skip the post office rules and drop your packages in a dropbox.

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Perhaps it is a care package or a set of face masks that you have made or a returned purchase. Whatever it is, do you really want to wait in line at the post office to send your package? Long lines and social distance while wearing a possibly uncomfortable face mask sounds like a bad recipe to us. We prefer to skip the queue. it is not that hard. Once you have the right supplies, you can easily prepare and deliver your package at home. Here's the best trick: You can even get your shipping boxes for free from the USPS itself.

If you use your own box, you must know the exact weight of the package you are shipping. Here's a better way. USPS offers a fixed service that allows you to order boxes for free and ship packages up to £ 70. Shipping costs start at $ 7.50 depending on the package size. To avoid having to post it to the post office, most people can opt for the medium side-load box option.

Once you have the item in the box, you must print a USPS prepaid shipping label. To do this, log into your USPS account, navigate to Click N Ship and purchase your shipping label. Then you can print the label at home and stick it on your box.

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Once you are ready to ship the item, you can request a pickup or drop the package in a USPS collection box. The boxes are usually at the post office, but can also be found outside in other locations, such as supermarkets, other types of shops, and libraries. To find the one closest to you, visit the Find Locations page on the USPS site and filter by Collection Boxes .

Although you will not receive a receipt with this shipping method, you can still get your package from the USPS site. The tracking number is located on the bottom of your USPS tracking label and in your confirmation email.

You know how to send packages without entering the post office now, but what about packages left at your door? Here's what you need to know about coronavirus and your packages and how to safely order food delivery, takeout and groceries during quarantine coronavirus .

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