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‘The Guild’ is Geeky MMORPG Goodness – Review Geek

DVD covers for seasons 1-3 of
Felicia Day

I can’t tell you where or when I originally discovered it The Guild, only that I looked at it over the course of a week. I couldn̵

7;t help but relate to Cyd Sherman’s clumsiness or fawn about how the show makes fun of online games and gamers.

The Guild is a web series written in 2007 by Felicia Day (who plays Cyd Sherman), both of whom are gamers. The show spans six seasons and consists of 10-12 easy-to-digest episodes each lasting only about 4-10 minutes. Day based the show on her own past addiction to play World of Warcraft

The show follows a local gaming guild called ‘The Knights of Good’ who all play an intentionally generic massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called The gameIt draws you into the small world of gamers and online friendships, which is nice to watch, especially if you’ve had a similar clan, guild, or go-to group for LAN parties yourself. And while the show is on a low budget, the great acting, directing, characters and writing balance it out and make it work honestly.

Each episode begins with the main character Cyd (whose in-game character is Codex, a priestess) discussing past events in a vlog-like diary. Recaps are posted outside of the rest of the show’s timeline, usually later that night, the next morning, or a few days later. Cyd is socially awkward, obsessive and neurotic – a combination that is a bigger enemy than anything she faces The game

We also see excerpts from the rest of the guild, including Zaboo, Fork, Clara, Tinkerballa (mentioned by Tink) and Bladezz. Tink is selfish and downright mean at times, Clara is a narcissistic mother of three young children who she ignores while playing games, Bladezz is blindingly perverted and vulgar, Vork is thrifty and grumpy, and the hyperactive Zaboo has a hard time identifying boundaries. None of them are truly genuine citizens, but all are still charming in their own way.

The cast of
Felicia Day

Season one kicks off with Cyd being dropped off by her therapist (who she saw for gaming addiction) while she was gaming. She hears the doorbell and it’s Zaboo who comes in with his bags, unsolicited and plans to go in after misinterpreting Codex’s chats as flirting. A conflict ensues when Cyd then proposes that the guild meet in person that day (for the first time ever) to find out what they can do with Zaboo. As the show progresses, The Knights of Good will fight enemies in and out of the game, including other guilds and sometimes even each other.

Although The Guild doesn’t have a huge budget or an A-list cast, the simple show is charismatic, engaging and just plain fun to watch. Do you want to check out The Guild for yourself? It is currently available to watch on YouTube and a must-watch for MMORPG fans of all kinds!

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