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The IRS owes millions in unclaimed tax refunds. You have 5 days to claim your money


Does the IRS have a refund from you that you must claim by May 1

7? Check now.

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The IRS has an unclaimed income tax refund for which you must submit an application? If the refund for your tax return is 2017, you have five days – until May 17 – to claim the money before it is turned over to the Treasury Department. The IRS estimates that 1.3 million taxpayers have $ 1.3 billion in unclaimed tax refunds for 2017. If you haven’t filed a federal income tax return for 2017, you must apply now to get that refund.

With Tax day moved to May 17 this year, the IRS is hip-deep at work, processing tax returns, sending weekly batches of stimulus checks and “plus-up” payments and prepare to be as soon as the first of July extensive child discount payments.

We’ll show you how to tell if the IRS has an income tax refund that you should claim. For more information, here’s how get back $ 16,000 in childcare costs, how save $ 50 on your internet bill, how to tell if your state has not claimed money it owes you and what you want to know child discount payments. This story is regularly updated.

What is the deadline to claim a refund of the income tax for the elderly?

The IRS is required to hold unclaimed tax refunds for three years. Under the law, if you don’t request a refund after three years, the money becomes the property of the U.S. Treasury and you can’t get it. For a 2017 income tax refund, you must claim by Tax day – that’s May 17 this year – before it’s gone.

How do I find out if the IRS has an unclaimed tax refund for me?

The only way to know if the IRS is holding your refund is to file a return for the year, the IRS said. The agency regularly estimates the dollar amount of unreported tax returns, but cannot determine whether an individual taxpayer should receive a refund until they file a tax return. The Where is my refund tool can’t help either. It reports the refund status of those who have already filed their taxes.

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How do I request my income tax refund from the IRS?

To request a 2017 refund, you must also submit your 2017 tax form online or by email. If you are sending it, the tax return must be postmarked by May 17. Keep in mind that you may also need to file a 2018 and 2019 tax return for the IRS to release your 2017 refund.

What if I miss documents I need to file my 2017 tax return?

You can find a prior year’s tax forms on the IRS’s form page. If you miss a 2017 W-2, 1098, 1099, or 5498, the IRS recommends that you request a copy from your employer or bank. You can also order a free payroll and income transcript from the IRS and then use the information on the transcript to file your tax return.


The IRS is processing tax returns and sending incentive checks and additional payments.

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Can an unclaimed tax refund be used to cover debt?

If you think you should have received a refund as of 2017, but you don’t receive one after filing an application, the refund may have been cleared in whole or in part or used to pay back federal taxes, income taxes, state unemployment benefits, debt, child support, spousal support. or other federal debts such as student grants.

For more information about your 2020 taxes, here is how to claim missing incentive money on your taxes and how to track your tax fund this year.

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